Turning Him into a Male Chastity Slave

Deciding on where a male chastity lifestyle will eventually lead to is a
question that couples should talk about before actually locking him up.

More often than not, male chastity fits in perfectly with a D/s, Femdom or a
FLR (Female Led Relationship). Orgasm denial, in conjunction with a
chastity device, is just a natural extension of a Femdom relationship.

But not always. There are vanilla couples who embrace male chastity without
ever getting involved with any other D/s activities. They happen to be the exceptions

For many kinky couples, locking the male up while denying him orgasms is just
an occasional fantasy game to be played and they are perfectly happy to keep it that way.

On the other end of the spectrum, there are females who keep their
husbands or boyfriends locked up 24/7, practice long term orgasm denial along
with other Femdom activities such as whippings, verbal and public humiliation,
feminization, frequent

tease and denial
sessions and, if she so desires, even cuckolding.

Sometimes things progress to the point where she eventually turns him into a
permanent male chastity slave, with his concerned consent of course.

In reality, most couples never take things quite this far. Once he agrees to become
her full time chastity slave, a big, bold line is drawn; if he decides to step
over that line into slave territory, it’s difficult for him to ever go back.

chastity slave in a cage

When this happens, the woman becomes intoxicated with the power rush that goes
along with owning her own slave that she has complete control over, including
his ability to orgasm. There are not too many females that would ever feel
compelled to relinquish this control.

At this point, a true male chastity slave has, for all intents and purposes,
abdicated his rights as a husband or boyfriend. His keyholder may now feel compelled to go
out and find a real boyfriend to meet her romantic and penetrative sexual needs.

Her chastity slave has now been relegated to mere servant status. During the
times she has a lover in her life, he will typically be cut off from
any form of sexual intimacy and will usually be forbidden any orgasms

If she decides to forgo the cuckolding route, then a male strap-on dildo,
worn over his male chastity device, becomes one of her favorite sources of pleasure.

She now keeps him around for three reasons only….

  1. He takes complete care of all the home upkeep and housework, something
    she would never consider going back to.
  2. His outside job provides her with money for clothes, shoes, lingerie, make-up and
    hair/manicure expenses which are substantial.
  3. She is addicted to the power rush she gets knowing that she has her own
    slave locked-up and denied while she can experience as much
    pleasure as she wants.

Why would a male chastity slave decide to stick around and put up with this
demeaning, humiliating not to mention frustrating lifestyle.

That’s a question that he asks himself frequently, and one that only he can answered
by a deep understanding of the powerful emotions he feels while enduring long
term orgasm denial by way of a male chastity device? You can, BTW, find a nice one
right here.


  • peter brown

    my Mistress is a firm believer in chastity we have gone 2 and 4 months but now She wants total long term orgasm forever and commanded me to write You..
    humbly Her submissive

    • Cumless tiny cock

      I have Been kept cumless for months and then suffered cuvkhold very night I thought I would finally be allowed to cum

  • alicia444

    being locked up in chastity is so wonderful. It is like being in a preorgasmic state and always being in anticpation of coming while never cumming, but having the pleasure of pleasing one;s mistresses and or her boyfriend(s). The humiliation of being a slave is so satisfying!

    • Christina

      The article says: “If she decides to forgo the cuckolding route, then a male strap-on dildo,
      worn over his male chastity device, becomes one of her favorite sources of pleasure.”
      To put a male in chastity is the greatest gift a woman can give to her boyfriend /husband. It’s deliciously humiliating and therefore extremely exciting for him.
      As a woman I only let my husband have sex with me when he uses a strap on while being in chastity.
      The only person who has normal sex with me is my black lover. My husband eats me out and cleans me afterwards .
      I love to have total power and humiliate my beloved chastity cuckold.

    • Mike Allen

      I can only tell you that for about 17 years I was held in chastity wearing a home made steel netting that kept all of my genitals in a bunch and was secured by a lock and chain behind my scrotum., I was very agreeable and happy to submit to this as I dearly worshiped my wife, until the day she passed away.
      Sometimes I would be kept locked up for weeks on end and denied any ejaculation except for wet dreams which were plenty, but I always dreamed of satisfying my wife orally which I tended to do four or five times a week. When I was released it was only for a short periods to clean my cage and genitals daily, should I show any signs of excitement my wife would be watching me and she always had long sharp finger nail that would dig into my penis until the erection passed over because of the sharp piecing pain that racked my entire genitals, sometimes making me shoot cum all over the floor, of cause I was made to clean it up with my tongue and then had to clean myself again before being locked up,. these daily cleaning sessions were the only time I was released for 2 or 3 minutes a day apart from that the only other time I was released was for 15 minute every 3 months when I was allowed to masturbate but only in front of my wife, at first she allowed me to fuck her but after the first year I bought her her first vibrator, which she said was the best present I had ever given her, after that I was only allowed to masturbate.
      She was a very sexy person and needed sexual satisfaction on a regular basis which I was able to provide by skillful oral sex and using the vibrator, most times she climaxed and when she did it was with gushes of hot vaginal juices the I never got tired or drinking. On the most part that was our sex life and we both loved it however I am not a small penis person when erect I am a little over 7 inches and quite thick and on a few occasions she said she would like to feel a real cock inside her but our arrangement wouldn’t allow me to be released for weeks, so I suggested I find her a man to fuck her, she agreed but only if I was present at the time. I had a friend who I knew fancied my wife for years, I approached him after we had a few drinks, he asked if I was mad, I then had to tell him about my chastity device and the roll we were playing and told him I had to be present at the time he was fucking her, at first he said no but a few days later he called me and asked if I was serious, I said I was very serious and he the agreed to make it happen on the Friday evening, today being Wednesday, When I told my wife she was very nervous as she had never had sex with anyone other than me I triad to calm her down and come the Friday evening I gave her a few large gins to relax her, I think I gave her too much as she was totally laid back when Brian arrived. I took him up to the bed room where she lay on the bed covered with a white sheet, you could tell she was naked, Brian didn’t quite know what to do so I told him to strip off which he did exposing a throbbing 6″ cock with pre-cum seeping out,,as he approached the bed my wife threw off the sheet exposing her beautiful shaved pussy and milky white tits and body, I could see Brian was getting excited he was shaking and drooling out of his penis, at this point my wife shouted at me ” get your clothes off and stand at the end of the bed” she wanted me to see everything that happened, I stripped off and stood at the end of the bed I could see my wife was soaking wet and panting, my cock was desperately trying to get erect in my caged netting which caused me considerable pain, Brian then got on the bed and rammed his cock into her making her cry out she was gasping and sobbing then started saying harder fuck me harder, it didn’t take long and I could see brian was reaching a climax, as he came he let out a load scream oooooh yes oooh yes that was great, as he rolled off her my wife was begging me to Finnish her off with my tongue , I had never thought of swallowing mail sperm and was unsure of what to do she then said finish me now or I will finish you I slowly lay between her legs and let my tongue lick around her clit until she pushed my head hard into her soaking wet pussy and I slurped and swallowed just to get my breath, it tasted quite good sweet and a little salty so I licked her until she came when she did my face and hair were soaked in her juices, god how I wanted to bring myself off, but of course I couldn’t I had to be content with my cock dribbling juices all over my caged genitals. As I got up my wife said to me Brian hasn’t moved, I said are you ok Brian, he said fantastic just fantastic, with this my wife said suck his cock like I used to suck yours, I was shaking my head trying to tell her not to say that when Brian piped up come on do your job properly are you supposed to be her slave or not, now get this cock in your mouth, I was so embarrassed I just didn’t know what to do when Brian grabbed my hair and thrust my head into his crutch, I took his flaccid penis into my mouth and sucked all the juice off his cock, the I could feel him starting to swell again until he was throbbing, I pulled my head away and my darling wife said great now fuck me again, he wasted no time and was quickly pounding away at my wife’s beautiful swollen vagina with her gasping and begging him not to stop, this went on for ages this time until they both collapsed in a heap on the bed.
      One thing I will say for Brian he never mentioned anything about the evening not next day or next week it was as if it had never happened, only when my wife required him again and I asked him, he said of course and rest assured that what happens in your place stays in your place,
      This happened many times over the next few years , and the only real difference was that my wife wanted me to suck his cock to make it slippery before he entered her and afterwards to clean him and suck any spunk that was left and that was ok, the only other thing to add to this is occasionally my wife would suck Brian off then ask me to kiss her then she transfer all of his cum into my mouth, she said she liked to do this to watch my penis struggling to get erect and she knew how much pain this caused me, but she delighted in it, if I complained she would always bring out the document that I had drawn up at the beginning of this roll play listing all of the things I wanted or was willing to do to please her and she would point to the relevant section which said no matter how much pain I have to endure as long as it makes you my darling happy, and that was only one section of a 30 point contract I wanted to enter, this contract came about because I had asked her on so many occasions to dominate me and she always refused until one day she said ok if that is what you want list everything you would be willing to do for my pleasure and how much would you endure as in Chastity belts, piercings , corporal punishments, sex denial dress code and anything you would ask me to consider if I took on this dominant position, hence the 30 point contract which she had me sign

      • Mistress Lunessa

        You will have my first contract with at least 30 points of exactly how you will pleasure me when I get home next weekend. As you say him, “Be careful what you ask for!”

        You are mine now my darling nasty sissy slut!

    • unowned slave

      Love this reading. love to find a Female like this n pray every day morr exist.
      dream of the day when i am an owned naked in chasity slave am kept home n keep the home very clean. Glady help Her prepair for Her evening out. told often how inept slave is n should be honored to help Her fine a good MAN to please Her n come home n here intamate details as slave cleans Her up. while am wiped balls swuezed n nipples twisted n saying thanks o God Mistress!!!’

      loving slave barry

  • Lokd4Life

    Ma’am locked me away two years ago this month. She has never let me out to play. Discussion and requests on the subject of her property are forbidden except for physical emergency. Ma’am strokes her boys scrotum occasionally and laughs as her slave melts.
    The penis has two uses asside from procreation.
    Urination and control.
    Ma’am informed me of our wedding.
    Ordered me to put together the music. There was no proposal.
    She told me. I obeyed.
    This is the sole contract for my requested encasement.
    She tells me what to do. I obey.
    I haven’t cum in two years.
    Ma’am has a once alpha dominant male. Turned into her worshipful slave. This slave sees no reasons to ever remove the cage.
    I love her with all that I am.

  • K

    [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “SPAM”. Reason: Human SPAM filter found “oy” in “comment_content” *]
    i was both the pet dog and French maid for a lesbian couple. The relationship was heavily sadomasochism, with me being the masochist and both of them being sadists. Beyond the S/m play, i was locked in chastity while in my French maids uniform and also while leashed as their pet dog.

    Being in chastity completely removed the sexual aspect of my submission, my sexual release simply never happened. Though on occasion i was removed from my leather and steal chastity devise while being physically abused in order to associate my pain with their pleasure {though i never could get a complete erection as they relentlessly beat me}.

    i never knew where they kept the key to my chastity devise, it was just something they thought was inconsequential so long as they had me locked up and away for their own enjoyment.

    Sadly they had lovers quarrels which eventually ended our relationship. Sometimes i still fantasize about going about life securely locked up by the two of them, doing their shopping, picking up their dry cleaning wearing both their dog’s collar and my chastity, cleaning their apartment, sleeping in chains in their closet. What a beautiful life it was.

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