Chastity Devices And Your Health

If you love the idea of getting locked up inside a chastity cage and it’s getting more and more real for you, you most likely have some health concerns. That goes for people who are thinking about locking other people away as well.

Thinking about it and instilling chastity rules is one thing, but adding a piece of hardware to the mix is taking it to the next level. You have to really do your research and make sure that you can do it as safely as you possibly can. As such, here are some of the most important things to consider before you get locked up for good.

Don’t take advice from everyone

First and foremost, you have to understand how the internet works. Anyone can claim to be an expert on something and no one can fact check them.

The simple fact is that there are a lot more people pretending to be experts on chastity devices than there are actual experts. You don’t want to simply Google the subject and go with the very first answer you get. It’s likely just telling you what you want to hear in order to sell you something.

Start off slowly

When you’re just starting off with a chastity device, it’s going to be like any other tool or toy that you’ve bought in the past. The first one isn’t going to be great. That’s because you’ve never used one before and you don’t know what you’re looking for.

That means you want to start off slowly. There are many different issues you can run into, but just consider compression for a second. If you submit your penis to any kind of compression for an extended period of time then you’re going to damage it.

The tissue you’re dealing with is extremely susceptible to injury and you might not ever recover from it. That’s why you have to take it slow to start. It doesn’t matter how much money you’ve spent on your first device.

You simply won’t know what makes a good one until you’ve experienced it. Limit your play to no more than four to six hours at a time until you get a feel for it. Then you can consider upgrading.

Invest in a custom fit

After you’ve figured out the areas that you need to focus on, it’s time to invest in a cage that’s made just for you. These are custom fitted designs made by companies that you can find online or at your local sex shop. Make sure it fits well and doesn’t press against you at all. That’s when it’s time to invest in a cage that doesn’t require a cock ring to stay on.

Have fun with it

On top of all that, you also have to remember to have fun with it. Remember that this is a sexual kink meant to make you happy. The second you feel like you’re being forced against your will, it’s time for you to reconsider the whole thing.