Altairboy Male Chastity Stories

altairboy male chastity stories

There’s nothing much more erotic and entertaining than a well written male chastity story….even if it happens to be a fictional account of someone’s vivid, albeit kinky imagination.

One of the best places on the web to read male chastity stories or chastity stories of any type, was Altairboy’s Male Chastity Story Site.

Various people sent in chastity stories, along with their reviews of chastity devices and chastity belts. Altairboy then periodically published them on his website.

Sadly the site seems to have gone now.

However you will find lots of excellent male chastity stories in our archive here

If you have a chastity themed story you would like to send in, then we’d love to publish it!

Some info here for those of you who would be interested in buying an adult site or selling an adult wesbite

Just send it in via our contact form

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