My Chastity Cage Changed Everything

I love the anticipation

I’m the kind of guy who always got what he wanted, when he wanted it. It didn’t matter what it was. If I suddenly craved a steak, I’d head right down to the steakhouse. It didn’t matter what I was doing. If I really wanted to see a movie, I’d drop everything and go on opening day.

It was how I lived my life and I liked it. That was until I met my wife. She knew what it was like to actually savor something. She knew that wanting something badly and having to wait for it made it even better.

That included sex

The first time I learned about this was through sex. I wanted to have it all the time when we first got together. At first, she indulged me. She’d drop her panties and crawl on top of me whenever I asked for it. That slowly changed, though.

It started out slowly with her having to get something done before we could have sex. Then she started to make me wait a day. Then it was two, then a full week. I wasn’t used to it at all and it upset me. I finally asked why she was torturing me.

It was simple

She just gave me the explanation she had used for her entire life. She said the sex would be twice as good if we just waited for it and looked forward to it. We would crave it and put more effort into it if it didn’t happen every day. I agreed to try it out for her and we waited.

I just decided to jerk off every night instead. I didn’t realize that it would have any kind of an impact on it. Waiting just got boring for me and all I was doing was waiting for her to go to bed so I could watch porn.

A chastity cage changed everything

She came home one day with a bag and a smile. I had to wait for her to pull out what was inside. It was a cage in the shape of a penis. Shad had been shopping online for chastity cages at secrexy .  She told me she wanted me to wear it and really learn what waiting and savoring was all about. I reluctantly agree and wore it for a week straight.

Then the day came to finally have sex and I lost my mind. It was mind blowing and took hours. Now I see what she was talking about.