Chastity Cage Mind Games

male chastity cage
A strange and mysterious event takes place
in the mind of a man when he first hears the ‘click’ of the lock
on his chastity cage. Especially when that ‘click’ is actuated by
the manicured fingers of his kinky keyholder.

In a society where the male is typically the one in a position of control,
whether it’s out in the business world or at home with his romantic relationship,
giving up mastery of his manhood puts him in the paradoxical predicament
of trading what he desperately needs for something else that he desperately needs
even more.

Once that chastity device is locked and the key is safely hidden away from
him, he enters that peculiar place called male chastity where he gives up all of his power for something terribly exciting, erotic and frustrating.

What in the world would compel a man to make such a devious deal in the first place?

Actually, there are a few different dynamics at play here.

For starters, there is something about the relinquishing of control that
can be very freeing for him.

pleasing my princess

Next there is the submissive side of him that wants to please and serve
his Princess to the point of transferring all of his pent up sexual energy
in order to satiate her needs exclusively.

There is always the inside game going on between partners which suggests
that if he plays by her rules, then he get a much needed orgasm…. on her
terms…. maybe.

Something can also be said for the erotic tension and anxiety that builds
up in his brain while being denied. This puts him in the position of perpetual
anticipation which makes him easily mold-able to the whims and wishes of
his female keyholder.

Then of course is the shift of sexual power where she gets to orgasm as
much as she wants, and in any way that her imagination allows her to, while
he is diligently denied.

Being locked up in a male chastity device can literally drive a man insane with
lust to the point where he will do almost anything for just the remote
possibility of an orgasm.

In order to take the
chastity lifestyle
to it’s highest level, the wise women skillfully uses all of these emotional games
being played out inside the mind of the man to her advantage.

She can now carefully manipulate his fragile sexual state of affairs
in order to efficiently transform him into the perfect husband or boyfriend.

And since she’s holding the key, she gets to decide the meaning of ‘perfect’.

If you’re ready to experience the erotic nature of playing kinky male
chastity games with your partner, you’re obviously going to need a male chastity device.
You can find a nice one
right here.



4 thoughts on “Chastity Cage Mind Games

  1. i am a beta male with a 3″ clit and i can’t wait for my Alpha Wife to control and emasculate me permanently! i am a fag and i want to Serve Obey and Worship Cock.

    1. No Dear One, there will be no cock for worshiping! Unless by cock,you mean my large vibrating strap-on. Which I will use to assault your lily white ass at my leisure. Whenever and however I choose. If I choose.
      By the way who told you that you were a fag? You are who I say you are. And I haven’t decided yet

  2. you are right of course. I have no idea what the hell I’m thinking about any of this. it seems I have no valid identity whatsoever. I am stuck in a space where I have no function no goals and nothing to motivate me except for the destruction of all feelings of self esteem and love for myself.

  3. slave desperately craves the absolute and total ownership and control, of a truly superior female that would train slave in the art of obedience,without question or hesitation,slave believes it should be penetrated with a locking plug from waking to bed. never allowing it to forget it’s status as an owned and fully controlled slave.
    slave is presently trying to save up the money for a Watchful Mistress cage,made of steel with a cage depth of only 11/4 inch,,leaving slave with absolutely no room for erection., slave desperately begs to be trained to serve privately as well as publicly,kept in desperate humiliation at all times.
    slave begs to be fitted with a permanent steel collar that would be worn 24/7/365.

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