Adam Successfully Convinces his Wife to Try Male Chastity… And She Loves It!

male chastity story

Dear Male Chastity Lifestyle,

I recently discovered your site and I thought I would share my story. I’m of the opinion that while, yes, male chastity is a “fetish” of sorts, that doesn’t mean that there’s something intrinsically wrong with it. In fact, it’s improved my marriage in ways that I can’t even begin to describe—I’ll try anyway:

I’m happier.

My wife is more confident.

Our sex life is hotter than it’s ever been.

I always knew that I had some interest in male chastity, as even before I met my wife I would regularly deny myself orgasm.

Forcing yourself to wait for the moment of climax is an exercise in willpower to be sure, but for most of my life I’ve always enjoyed the “payoff” of the bigger, stronger, eye-rolling orgasms that you can only get after waiting for days… or weeks.

Of course, this is easier to do when you’re single. I knew that if I denied myself orgasm regularly, my wife would start wonder why—and suddenly stopping having sex could have lead to hurt feelings and misunderstandings.

I’ve been married for a little over three years, so lately the opportunities I’ve had to do this have been few and far between.

What I really wanted was for my wife to deny me. More than that, I wanted her to dominate me. She’s a sweet woman, not domineering at all—I figured I was going to have to give up on my fantasies. But one night an opportunity arose.

During foreplay, we were chatting—I like to talk, it allows me to find out more about what she likes—and she asked me one question which I knew I was going to either have to answer honestly, or forget the whole business entirely: “Are there any secret fantasies you have that you haven’t told me about?”

I paused for a moment and considered. What could the harm be?

I told her.

We ended up talking about it for nearly an hour. The evening ended with my hands tied to the bedposts and, no, I didn’t get to come. Oh, but I wanted to—to be restrained and denied by my lovely wife was a fantasy I had been harboring since I met her, and now I was finally living it. The pleasure was… how can I put it? Excruciating.

Several days passed, and my wife found that she enjoyed her new found power over me. After four days, I was practically begging her—she said she liked how affectionate (and horny) denial made me, and actually liked the control.

Over the weekend she did eventually allow me to have an orgasm, and I think it might have been one of the best in my life.

We’re currently experimenting with longer periods of denial, and my first penis cage should be arriving in the mail in a few days.

We both can’t wait.

I wanted to share this story to let your readers know that yes, it is possible that your wife won’t just be open to the idea of male chastity—she might love it.

Take the risk and bring it up. You owe it to yourself and to her.