Cuckold Chastity – The Journey From Chastity To Cuckold


chastity cuckold

The journey from simple male chastity to cuckold chastity is an interesting one.  It isn’t necessarily a natural progression to being a chastity cuck – the man who seeks to be placed in chastity isn’t by any means always fantasizing about his wife cuckolding him. 

However it’s often a slower journey from being kept in chastity…to adding the extra dimension of cuckolding into the mix. Being cuckolded by your woman, dovetails nicely with being denied sex by her. In fact most would argue that it instills an extra thrilling aspect to the concept!

Your women isn’t simply just denying you orgasms…she is actively giving other men orgasms, while you remain denied!  How deliciously thrilling is that. As your cock remains locked away in its little cage, your woman is out there unzipping another mans trousers and freeing his big penis to stroke and no doubt have sex with.

This is the added dimension that leads from plain old male chastity to chastity and cuckolding – a combination that can send a man into a painful ecstasy!

A Growing Number Of Men Want To Be Chastity Cuckolds

In fact so many thousands of men desire this cuckolding aspect of this relationship,  that there are dedicated cuckold dating sites where you can even find a partner to cuckold you!

So….once a male has adequately adapted to being locked up in a chastity device on a more-or-less  permanent basis, his female keyholder has options that were never available to her before…like introducing this concept of cuckold chastity

Achieving this position of authority in their relationship has been no easy task for Her though! Its a been probably a long slow process of slowly turning into a submissive and and breaking his will

Even though deep down he really wants to be locked-up in a chastity device and controlled by a strong and powerful woman, the typical man has been brain-washed by other males in society that he ideally should be the one who is in control…yes it should be him who is in control of the couples  orgasms!

His well conditioned ego will rebel against a wife who has resolved to take the reins now and take charge of things, that means when, where and in fact, if he will be allowed to  orgasm.

Oh of course he will plead for a release and try to convince his wife that it isn’t actually what he wants. He will possibly moan about being uncomfortable within his device and try to turn the tables on his wife or partner.

Stand Firm Against Your In-Chastity Husband

So only a resolute and firm, tenacious stand by his keyholding partner will keep his demanding at bay and stop his persistent rants of discontent. So if he does truly want to be placed in chastity and denied, then she will call the shots….full stop!

This is the only way a male chastity lifestyle can really work to the satisfaction of all concerned. And initially, it can take considerable time and no little effort on her part to get him to this important stage of acceptance.

But it’s all worth it because once this level of dominance has been achieved , the ladies  life can change forever. In fact this is where she can introduce cuckolding into the equation. The slow move to not just a husband in chastity but now she can have a chastity cuckold hubby!

While every woman is different, one of the issues that may be of concern for Her will be the lack of penetrative sex.

After all, his dick is not available anymore. Even if she occasionally allows him out of his male chastity device to enter Her (which she probably shouldn’t), the experience of sexual intercourse will be foreign enough to completely overwhelm him causing a hair-trigger orgasm.

His sexual incompetence will be so disgustingly unsatisfactory to Her that she will eventually find it necessary to resort to a penis-gag/combination dildo so he can fuck her orally or even a strap-on dildo for him to use while still being locked up in his chastity cage.

But what if she desires the real thing?

This is where chastity cuckolding enters the scene.

chastity cuckolding

The Cuckold Chastity Lifestyle Begins

Although being cuckolded by a female Keyholder is a major fantasy for many men, the truth is that most of these men can’t handle the feelings of chastity humiliation, emasculation, degradation, inadequacy and jealousy that comes with it. They feel slightly disgusted that they would even want to watch their woman having sex with another male.

But hey , she now calls the shots and makes the rules now and her needs and desires are all that really matter at this point. If you are locked away in a little cage, then she needs to find someone else help satisfy her desires.

If a couple involved in a male chastity lifestyle has a relationship built on a strong foundation, inherently inequitable as it may be, chastity cuckolding can work and can actually take them to a level of emotional intimacy unattainable in a purely vanilla partnership.

On the flip side of the coin, cuckolding a male in chastity can permanently destroy a marriage that is already on shaky ground. Pursuing a chastity cuckold relationship should be done only after much thought and consideration involving both parties.

What’s Next For The Chastity Cuck

After the decision is made to cuckold Her already chastised male, she can now spread her wings, soar to new heights and show off her feminine power. She has the best of both worlds –  a man who is compliant and responsive to her daily needs…and also another man (or men) who she can have sexual intercourse with –

There is nothing quite like chastity cuckolding that will demonstrate Her dominion of dominance while at the same time, remind and reinforce his submission.

Some chastity cuckolding scenes She may enjoy playing out….

    • Requiring him to sleep on the floor next to the bed whenever HER lover
      spends the night.
    • Fucking him with a strap-on in front of HER lover while the key to his
      chastity device dangles deviously between her tits.
    • Having him greet Her lover at the door naked and on his knees.
    • Making him lay out Her sexiest dress, panties, bra and high heels while she
      is busy primping for a date.
    • Sending him out for condoms while she and Her lover make-out on the
    • Have Her boyfriend fuck him in the ass, reaffirming who’s the real man
      of the house, while she pleasures herself with a vibrator.
    • Leaving him locked-up in his chastity cage at the bar while she flirts,
      kisses and fondles other men on the dance floor.
    • Dictating a list of household chores for him to do while she is lying on
      the bed with Her lover making out and getting ready to fuck.
    • Requiring him to serve as her ‘fluffer’ in preparation to fucking Her

Having him dress up in full make-up, lingerie and high heels so he can sexually satisfy Her lover when she’s not in the mood for sex.

Obviously, this will be incredibly fun for Her while equally devastating and humiliating for her chastity cuckold. But then again, she’s only fulfilling his fantasies, ones that he is now seriously questioning.

She however, is not questioning anything at all, other than why she waited so long to include this chastity cuckold element into her female keyholder repertoire.

Male chastity and cuckolding form a symbiotic relationship that work in perfect unison. Together they exquisitely take a man to the deepest depths of submission and servitude.



  • Bob

    Before I married my second Wife I gave her a Cb-2000 male chastity device and promised her that I would wear it in her honor when ever she wanted me to. I made this offer because her past husband and also a live in boyfriend both left her for the other women they were doing! .
    I wore it about three weeks prior to our wedding day and I did not have a bachelor party because I was locked and afraid of what might be discovered, but she did have a bachelorette party.
    She came home about 4 AM quite drunk and proceeded to mount my face for oral service, something I was getting used to doing allot of the time. Her pussy was soaked, very loose and I knew she had, had sex previously. I orally pleased and cleaned her up and I never said anything because I wanted her to unlock me on our wedding night.
    That was 14 years ago! The past 8 years she has kept me locked all the time. She knows that I would be OK with her cuckolding me openly, but she continues to keep me guessing. She goes out often and makes common excuses as to where or why, and being kept locked I’m afraid to question her any further.
    When a woman locks up a males penis and takes ownership of it he accepts it and becomes her property. Don’t get me wrong I love my Wife more now than ever even if she is having sex with other men and does not want me to know about it.
    I have always known I am small in cock department and because of this I wear a CB-6000S stainless steel device. I always come very quickly and because of these things I know my Wife deserves better. She deserves to be able to have great sex with a male with a larger longer lasting cock that can fill her with twice as much as I can..
    I accept it as my lot in life and I wish she would flaunt it in my face to make serve and love her even more.

    • donnycuck

      My wife of 11 years is a bit over weight with big boobs that she likes to show off and a pudgy butt. I knew she cheated a few times but just ignored it and figured it was normal for sexy gals to get hit on. Every Fri. a bunch of the guys from her office go to a local bar for drinks, throw darts, shoot pool and unwind.

      One Fri. she was shooting pool with 2 black guys who were regulars. She was doing shooters and was pretty Hi. When the left one of the black guys kissed her and pushed her up against his truck,felt her up and the other one pulled her pants down. He fucked her hard and then they carried her to a grassy area and fucked her some more and she gave them blow jobs. She was in no condition to drive so they brought her home. It was obvious they had used her pretty good but I was glad they did not let her drive. I got them beers and soon one of them grabbed my crotch, unzipped his pants and stuck his big black cock in my mouth.

      The next day they took me to an adult store, bought a chastity belt for me and I have been a cuckold in chastity ever since. I am a happy camper.

      • Abir Mitro

        you want to be caged ? Fine only by you. If you wants to be free then be ruthless be strong and get out of the cage. In our cultur this is prohibited and abusive. You really are fredomless person rightnow. No offence but she made you an caged animal

    • Abir Mitro

      Hit her get the key or cut the cage open. Bondage is not love it is domination. Love is free and free from any bondage.

    • Abir Mitro

      Damn you ! Go get free out of cage and do something with your life. She does not deserves you . What kind of woman lockup a human and take control of the human’s life. There is lots of good minded women are waiting to live a good life . Go for them.

  • alicia444

    I so want to be locked in a chastity device all the time. I have been taking puereria mirifica to grow my tits and ass. I have also grown my hair long and shave my body. I would like to be kept naked so that I can be used and serve as a slave to a dominant woman who wants to pimp me ut and tease me in front of real men who make me suck their cocks and fuck my ass while she watches and humiliates me. I also like to be taken out on a leash and treated like a pet while my mistress and boy friend frolic together. If i am allowed out in public I wear only crotch high shorts and a halter top and high heal shoes so that others can tease me or use me as their whore.

  • Hugh Johnston

    Most of this is pure Male Oppression and abuse,what irony !
    To Practise Permanent

  • Hugh Johnston

    Most of this is pure Male Oppression and abuse,what irony !
    To Practise Permanent Orgasm Denial to the Man who loves you.
    Makes a Marriage with you,and Worships you.
    Only to Fuck other Men,for your Sexual needs,and in every way treat your Husband as worthless shit.
    Chastity is wonderful when practised correctly,cock holding is good too.
    However so much of this is simply Abuse towards males.
    If Men treated their wife’s as Femdoms Treat their Husbands there would be an up roar !!!

  • Slave andrew

    I’m now an older guy but still locked in my chastity device, it’s been years since I had sex with a woman. Married for over 20 years and my wife and mother in law took charge of me. I have a small penis and my new wife didn’t like that so she talked to her mom and they decide that wasn’t going happen. They ordered a chastity device grabbed me and held me down and locked me up. I was then given rules and forced to sign papers that I would lose everything that I have if I complained or went to the athorities. I had to do everything for her, while at home I was always naked and if she invited friends or had a party I had to wait on the guests naked. I also was led around town,mall while wife had me on a leash with a collar or by my chastity cage. She then found a black boy friend because she was lonely and then I had to care for both of them orally and anally. I was just a sex slave , butler, door man and clean up guy. After a couple of years they had a couple of black kids and pregnant again. I’m still locked in my cage and my wife and my master vowed to never let me out of my cage forever. I’m doomed to be sexless forever.

    • Bob

      I believe that as more and husbands are kept locked in chastity it will become common. It will then become common for a woman to require it of a suitor just to date her.
      The male chastity contract allowing the Wife/Keyholder to have sex with other men, taking away any rights the husband had to divorce her will also become common.

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