Readers Stories – Chastity Humiliation At The Hands Of My Wife

My wife Nina was never very actively dominant but she’s always been pretty selfish and stubborn. Over the years, she has taken total control in the bedroom–we only have sex when she is in the mood, when she brings it up and in the manner she wants–I have no say.

She also took control over all our finances and I transferred all assets to her name only to make her feel extra secure that Id never leave her for any reason.

She has me do all the chores–100% of the shopping, cooking, cleaning, taking care of the kids and serving her drinks and meals in her bed. She used to be so thankful and surprised whenever I’d jump to serve her but these days she expects it and is often too busy talking or texting with friends to even thank me.

She caged my cock around 3 years ago–first with a CB6000 and then when my hardon broke the plastic seam, we switched to a Jailbird which keeps me very small and snug. When I’m in her bedroom, I’m always nude, except for the cage, and go down on her virtually all night, every night. When her pussy gets too sensitive from orgasms, she turns onto her tummy and I worship her perfect ass until she decides to go to sleep. This is our life together–I’ve consented to all of this and while every step was an adjustment, I think trading my orgasms to ensure her pleasure has made us both so much happier together.

When we have guests over for a large barbecue or other meal, she makes it clear that I cooked everything and stays at the table to chat with her friends as I serve and clear. I do 100% of the work when we have company unless a guest feels bad for me and clears their plate. I then do the dishes and make the kitchen spotless again as Nina enjoys her socializing.

A few weeks ago, during Nina’s monthly get together with her closest friends, Betty asked Nina how she was able to train me so well-I’m like her personal chef and servant. She told the girls that I was very submissive and that she makes me wear a chastity cage to ensure an agreeable attitude, because it was orgasms that make men so grumpy and quarrelsome. Betty, Sara and Tina knew nothing about it, so Nina explained and sent them some Internet websites to learn about it. All three couldn’t imagine their husbands agreeing to giving up their orgasms although Betty thought that if she tried hard enough she could get her guy to acquiesce.

One Friday night, Nina told me the girls were coming over for drinks. I said “oh, ok great. I’ll just stay upstairs and watch tv”

“Oh no, you won’t. I need my servant to prepare some hors d’oevres and drinks for us. Will you serve us, honey?”

“Of course!” I beamed, always happy to serve and make Nina happy. I prepared some skirt steak bites, some mini hot dogs with a dab of dijon (NIna’s favorite) and a few other finger foods and my famous ginger paradise drink which masks a lot of vodka with sweet syrup and spicy ginger. Betty picked Tina up and the two entered the house–I offered them drinks and Nina showed them to the den and started gossiping about some neighbors who were getting divorced. Sara knocked a few minutes later and I served her a chilled glass of chardonnay.

As I was leaving the den to get the hors d’oevres, Nina said, “wait a second mister” and put up her hand in a stop sign.


“Excuse me?”

“Yes, ma’am?” I said, very embarassed and blushing as serious sexual tension fell over the female guests. Everyone sat completely motionless, fascinated at the dynamics of our relationship, turned on by Nina’s complete control over me and a bit embarassed for me.

“So, Dave. Sara is dying to see your chastity cage. Strip for us!”

“Oh my god, you told her?” I almost screamed, scared to look at her, hoping that if we didn’t make eye contact, this didn’t really happen.

“DAVID” Nina uttered slowly with a rising tone. “Do it NOW or I will give your keys to Sara and she’ll do what she wants with them. You don’t want to piss her off. She is really excited to see it.”

“Ok, ok, Maam, I’m sorry” and I untied my shoes, moved them over to the computer desk, out of the way and pulled off my polo shirt. The girls eyes opened especially since I used to be pretty chubby and heavy and I recently lost a lot of weight and got cut. I then slowly removed my belt and pants and placed them neatly over a chair’s back. I lingered on my tighty whiteys hoping my fate might change, but Nina’s face became more stern. All 3 girls leaned forward, staring at my crotch. And then off it came. I kicked my underwear into the corner and stood straight.

There were giggles, gasps and talking between them “Oh my god-it’s steel” and “that thing looks so tiny” and “I can’t believe he agreed to wear that”, among other choice insults.

“Can I, um, touch it, Ni?” asked Tina.

“He’s chattel. You do whatever you want to him,” Nina said nonchalantly.

So, Tina ran her hands over my cage, squeezed here, tried to pull it off, stroked my blue balls and once she was satisfied that it was real and inescapable, she passed me over to Betty who did the same thing and then Sara.

They all oohed and aahed; slapped my butt, twisted my nipples, even slapped my balls which really hurt given the pressure they were under. Nina cut the scene off and told me to serve them. I offered each of the dishes, refilled drinks over and over again. At first, they tried to talk about a few frenemies in the neighborhood but after 3-5 drinks each, the topic turned back to dominating me.

“So, Nina–what do you get him to do other than serve drinks?”

“Oh, he’s very, very useful. He cleans the entire house, fetches me whatever I want and goes down on me on average 2 hours a day.”

“Holy fuck!” Tina screamed. “It’s been like 4 years since I’ve gotten any oral. And he’s always pestering me for blowjobs, that lazy good for nothing loser”

“Well, David has barely licked me today–just a little this morning before work so if you want to avail yourself of his tongue, he’s amazingly talented.”

“Really?” Tina perked up like a little girl getting a pony at her birthday party.

“Sure” said Nina. “Any of you that want to try him out, feel free.”

Tina pulled me closer to her by my cage, threw down a pillow on the floor and shimmied out of her panties. I got down on my knees, looked at Nina and she gave me a go-ahead look. I teased and kissed and licked Tina’s thighs and pussy for just 1-2 minutes before she got very vocal, breathing ragged and screaming as she came hard on my face. I worried the kids would wake up and Nina ran upstairs to check on them and make sure they stayed in bed.

“Wow. Oh my god. All I can say is WOW!” Tina exhaled as she fell backwards into our comfortable leather couch, legs still spread, her pussy glistening and her chest heaving.

I then looked at the other two and Betty won the race to throw down a pillow in front of her feet. I knee-walked onto her pillow and brought her to orgasm over the course of 10 minutes. She was very specific in her requests and super wet before I even licked her the first time. She really enjoyed and then passed me over to Sara.

Sara is a naturally dominant, selfish, at-times socially inappropriate, social climber. Not only was she excited for some great oral for the first time since her last anniversary, she liked the idea of demeaning me and owning me, albeit temporarily. She didn’t just tell me how to lick her-she rode my face hard, verbally abusing me as Nina walked in. I could hear her,  but could only see Sara’s ass sliding up and down my face as she got off on my nose, lips, tongue and chin.

Nina was talking with Betty and Tina but I couldn’t her a thing between Sara’s thighs. She has this fascinating combo of chubbiness and sexiness and I like perfectly thin, tight girls. I think it’s her bitchy attitude and raspy voice that I find so sexy and of the three women I just serviced, if I had to guess only one of them using me like this, it would be Sara.

As she got off on me for the 4th or 5th time, I was thinking–she’s never going to let me live this down. And she has a big mouth–fuck. It’s one thing for our closest friends to know but if she tells other gossips in the neighborhood I’ll be a total social reject. Sara squeezed my face between her powerful thighs one last time before collapsing on the second couch, trying to catch her breath again and enjoying the afterglow of one hell of a sexual release.

I looked back at Nina, partially for some approval, pride, encouragement? I don’t know but she pulled out my 9″ sheath from behind her back. I knew what was coming.

“Who wants to fuck my hung lover Tyrone?” Nina asked.

The girls looked at Nina a bit puzzled.

“When I have enough oral and want penetration, David puts on this 9″ sheath over his chastity cage and fucks me with it. It’s amazing how it fills me and he can’t feel a thing, doesnt make a mess, doesnt get soft or finish after 2 minutes. We roleplay that it’s our neighbor Tyrone.”

“Oh,” the girls got it. And their greedy eyes pleased with Nina for each of them to go first. Actually, Sara was nearly passed out, so it was only Tina and Betty who wanted to get fucked. Both enjoyed their orgasms but that was close to an hour earlier and 2 drinks ago–they wanted more!

So, we kept the same order. I put the sheath over my cage, lined up with Tina’s tiny, tight, bare pussy lips and slowly pushed in. She screamed, gasped and bared down and after some effort, I managed to get the head in when Tina came the first time. I then pushed in some more and got into a rhythm but there was no getting my full thick 9″ into her tiny 5 foot frame. After just 10 more minutes of fucking, she came again and pushed me away.

I did the same for Betty, although I was able to enter her more easily. She didn’t react as vociferously–she simply smiled like a goofball as I sawed in and out, deeper and deeper until I hit her cervix. At first it hurt her, but after a little while, she got into the rhythm and enjoyed my cock until she came15 minutes later.

By then, Sara recovered and couldn’t be the odd-girl out. She threw me onto the couch, straddled my “cock” and let herself down slowly. She was incredibly wet and amazingly, I slid in quite easily. She went wild, especially once I hit bottom but she wanted to get the last 3″ in. So, she leaned back, put her legs up on my shoulders and impaled herself hard on the cock. I was balls-deep inside her and she came so hard on the first stroke down, I thought she’d pass out. She told me to fuck her good, which in this position, sitting with her legs up on my shoulders was hard but I couldn’t risk disappointing her-she was a sexual madwoman. We than switched to missionary and after 20 more minutes, she screamed and squirted. At first she was so embarrassed that she peed all over our persian ug but I told her it wasn’t pee, it was a squirt from a vaginal orgasm. It was her first and she loved it.

The girls were all laying on the couch, like junkies staring at the ceiling, enjoying the hormones running through their bodies. With some finger motions, Nina had me clear all the glasses and food and head upstairs so the girls could compose themselves. I heard the door close, car doors slam and then engines gunning for their short rides home.

Nina came to bed and rode my face. When she had enough, she said how proud she was of her little slave and that I’ll be serving any of her friends whenever they ask. They don’t want their husbands to know so we had to be discrete. We went to sleep with me cuddling her from behind as I thought how I’d be used in the future. At first it was shocking and mortifying, but hey, I like eating pussy and being used by dominant, demanding women so I’ll serve them all the next time I’m asked to. But I would really like to cum for once….