Readers Stories – How My Wife Put Me In Chastity


My wife and I never had a great sex life–she was never much interested and the few times she was, it was generally missionary only, no foreplay, no extending, no touching, etc–basically finish up and leave me alone.

This led me to explore sexual fulfillment with others and on the internet. I discovered chastity cages, wife-led marriage and cuckolding….and was hooked, years ago. Unfortunately, Nina has no interest and our sex lives haven’t changed one bit.

Nevertheless, I ordered a cage a few months ago and have been wearing it since. The first few days were an adjustment, but I’ve learned to live with it and generally know when Nina will be in the mood for our 3 minute shag and will unlock myself that day, masturbate just before coming to bed and then hope be able to last a bit longer.

I do still love to read accounts of how other women love to place their partners in chastity – why I insist my boyfriend be placed in chastity

The few times she’s been in the mood and I wasn’t prepared, I offered to go down on her, begged to go down on her, but she wouldn’t let. At the same time, we have very close friends, where the wife, Sara, is a very dominant, demanding woman.

She and I have been getting closer and closer with even a bit of light flirting. She’s totally not my type looks-wise-she’s a bit heavy, small boobs, not at all exotic or voluptuous, but I love her quick wit, biting sarcasm and complete disregard for societal norms.

One day, I went over to her house to pick something up in just my house shorts and a t-shirt. She asked me if I had lost a lot of weight as I was looking better and I told her that I lost a few pounds, but more importantly, built up a lot of muscle and finally have a 6-pack. Sara didn’t believe me so in one swoop, I removed my t-shirt to show her.

Without the rough t-shirt material holding up my shorts, my shorts slipped a bit and I had to catch them near my ankles. Sara laughed up a storm but as I pulled my shorts up, she asked me why my underwear seemed so lumpy.

I told her that she must be mistaken and that I was so embarrassed and she came over and grabbed my crotch as I was trying to retie my elastic band. “Oh my god–what the hell is that?” I pushed her hand away and said “nothing, I’m going to go now.” “Oh no, you don’t–what is in your underwear?” she demanded of me.

Now, if another woman, I’d brush her off and either change subject or leave but she has this dominant hold on me. I was too embarrassed and choked up to say anything, so she used her hands to pull down my shorts and underwear. “What the fu–?” I looked her in the face.

My face was beat red and I thought possibly smoking from the heat. I stammered and then she grabbed my cage and pulled on it, trying to open it. “What the fuck is this, Dave?” I finally let it out. “It’s a chastity cage, all right? Now, please let’s just forget about this and I’m gonna go.” in almost a pleading, begging tone. “Come here to the couch, sit down and explain to me why you have this on you.”

So I sat down and told her that many men are wearing them these days–it’s a great way for a wife to take control of her an’s orgasms and completely focus his attention on pleasing her in and out of the bedroom. She seemed fascinated and kept tracing it with her fingers.

“So you can’t get out of this?” “No, I can’t get hard, can’t masturbate or have sex.” “Oh my god. So, like, how long do you wear this?” as she played with her hair. “Umm, usually a month or two?” “A month or two?!?! Oh my god! So you and Nina don’t have sex for months on end?” “Ummm, I don’t have sex for months on end.

But Nina has me, you know, give her oral, very often”. I couldn’t lie and admit what a loser I was, that I was pretending that Nina caged me and used me every night. That I left one key in her pocketbook and one in her mother’s so I couldn’t easily access and free myself…. “So, like how often do you go down on Nina?” “every day, a few times a day.”

“Wow–no wonder she loves keeping you close. I always envied how close you two are and how you always look to her and try to sidle up to her. But, what do you get out of it?” “Well, first of all, I love eating pussy, love it and since Nina caged me, I get to lick her for hours every single day. Her ass too.

There was something about taking the power away from me that made her more dominant and more sexual. Second of all, I’m not very large and I don’t think that sex with me was ever very satisfying for her. This way I know that she orgasms multiple times a day.” “Wow, I’m just in shock, really. I have to ask Nina how she loves it.” “Oh no! Please don’t discuss with her.

She’s very private about this and would be mortified if others were talking about our sex lives.” “Dave! This is like the biggest news ever! How can I not talk to Nina about it?” “Please, I’ll do anything if you just never mention it again.”¬†“Anything?” “Totally, anything. I’ll bring you coffee on Saturday mornings, I’ll do your errands, just please, please don’t say anything to Nina.” “Interesting….” as Sara used her very sharp, very devious mind to find the best way to exploit this.

Just then, she leaned back on the couch, removed her panties and said “show me how talented you are” I hesitated but thought this would be a good way to keep Sara quiet and a way to taste another woman and bring her to orgasm since the life I described was mostly fantasy.

I went down on Sara for 45 minutes and gave her countless orgasm. Sara is a loud, wild cummer and it was very rewarding. And wet… Sara was overwhelmed and just waved me away. I got dressed, grabbed what I came for and left.

Since then, Sara finds lots of reasons for me to come over or she comes over to my house pretty often too for tons of oral. Nina is beginning to think it’s a bit weird how close Sara has become to both of us but since she’s so not my style and since I’ve been so incredibly focused on Nina’s needs due to the cage, she’s not overly concerned.