What Male Chastity Looked like In The 16th century

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There’s no doubt that chastity belts are all over the world today. They’re worn by men at all hours of the day and night. Did you know the male chastity belt also existed way back in the 16th century.

You never know which person you happen to be talking to at work who’s wearing one.

Modern belts can be worn for weeks or months on end without any problems and it’s usually done at a woman’s request or by her order.

That’s not the way that it’s always been, though. The male chastity belt 16th century lifestyle was a whole lot different than what you come across today, and that’s probably a good thing.

Chastity In The 1500’s

To understand how the chastity belt was used in the 16th century, you first have to understand what was going on in the rest of the world. The 16th century brought a whole lot of changes to the world at the large.

It was a time of colonialism and expansion that wouldn’t really be seen again. The New World was being settled by the Spanish and Portuguese and the Catholic church was being rocked by the Protestant Reformation.

The Ottoman Empire was expanding the Middle East and Copernicus was just starting to talk about a solar system where the Earth traveled around the sun.

Why it all mattered

You have to read in between all those lines to figure out why the male chastity belt was also invented. Just look at all that change going on in the world….enter the male chastity belt 16th century.

The church is under attack and some guy is saying that the Earth isn’t the center of the universe. Progressivism rules the day and ancient traditions are being tossed out the window.

It’s a scientific revolution and the believers are trying anything they can to hold onto their belief systems. Those systems, as usual, always boil down to what you do with your crotch.

The sin of masturbation

You can call it whatever you want. It has plenty of names. There’s masturbation, onanism, onani, jerking off, rubbing one out, bopping the bishop, and about a thousand more.

It all has the same outcome, unless you’re incredibly bad at it. Teen boys were jerking it every which way they could and their parents just couldn’t stand it.

It was even worse for their religious leaders. The church was already dealing with enough. Add horny boys masturbating all over the place and the world had just become a fresh hell to torment them.

You can look at pretty much any holy book you want and you’re going to get the same information. Masturbation is a sin and should never be done.

That seed you snap off is meant to make babies and nothing more. You can’t just go shooting it all over the bathroom floor after dinner. It never leads anywhere good.

Masturbators are well-documented as being mentally deranged miscreants. “You know that crazy guy who lives in the woods?” They’d ask. “He got that way because he used to touch himself at night, just like you!”

Pain to stop pleasure

Thus was born the chastity belt. Teen and tween boys were locked away in them for their pubescence to keep them from masturbating.

They’d get their junk locked away to save up all of that precious semen until they were ready to impregnate their arraigned brides.

Some belts just made it impossible for them to handle their meat while others were outfitted with painful spikes. They’d dig right into the penis whenever it tried to achieve erection.

The pain would make it deflate immediately and ruin any teen’s idea of a fun night alone in bed. Such was life in a 16th Century chastity belt!

Underage sex deterrent

Of course, there was another, very practical, use for these chastity belts. Who married whom was a very big deal back them. No one was allowed to simply meet someone, fall in love, and get married.

You had to marry the right person to carry on the family tradition or create an alliance. Your heirs were almost more important that you ever were.

That meant that you couldn’t just go around getting women pregnant all over the place, and prophylactics had yet to become overly effective.

That chastity belt that kept you from masturbation was now keeping you from dishonoring the family name with bastard offspring.

male chastity belt 16th century -The reasons are the same

That’s the history of chastity belts and the modern usage is pretty much the same. The people using them are just a little bit different. You’re not going to find a horny teen boy wearing one anymore.

Instead, you’re going to be finding a grown man who knows that he can’t keep it in his own pants. It’s not his parents or the priest putting it on him, either.

It’s his wife, girlfriend, Mistress, or whatever she’s called, putting it on him so she doesn’t have to constantly bat his hands away from his zipper.