Only My Mistress Can Empty Me Out

I’ve always had a problem with being told what to do. I’ve also always had a huge problem with cumming. It’s always been my vice. I was always trying to cum at every opportunity. Any time my wife would leave the room for a few minutes, I’d slip my hand under my pants and try to jack off as fast as I could.

If I did it right, She’d come back and I’d just be sitting there with a hot load of cum in my underwear. I’d even take breaks every hour at work and run to the men’s room. I’d open up some porn on silent mode and jerk myself right off into the toilet bowl. I didn’t even care that there were people walking in and out the whole time and probably sitting right next to me in the other stall. I was addicted to cumming.

Finally, my wife had enough. She was tired of ordering me to stop, so she did something about it. She got me a cage. It was a really nice one, actually, but I had my reservations. I was afraid that I would still find a way to jerk off with it.

Disobeying without it was one thing but disobeying with a cage that she spent money on to curb my appetites was another.

I was very wrong

I tried everything. I tried clenching my muscles and humping the air. I tried watching the hottest porn I could imagine on Free Mobile Porno and just willing myself to cum. I tried humping her ass at night, too. I even tried to stick my fingers in the cage in my final desperate act to cum.

None of it worked. I just couldn’t get fully erect. I was miserable. I felt like exploding every second of every day.

I just followed orders

All I could do was follow orders. I went almost a month without cumming. I had never gone that long. I was losing my mind. I only stayed sane by focusing on my tasks. One day, after I had obediently licked all of the sweat from in between her toes, my Mistress told me to bend over.

That position changed my life. Her fingers hurt at first as she shoved them into my asshole. Then she massaged my prostate. Tons of cum streamed out of my cock. I was finally empty and only my Mistress can make that happen now.