Caught With My Dick Out By My Wife

My wife isn’t just in charge at home. She’s also in charge at work. That’s because she’s my boss. I never took advantage of our relationship, but it certainly came with some perks. For example, I liked to sneak into her office while she was in meetings to relax.

She kind of knew, but never really said anything about it. It’s not like I wasn’t getting my work done. I would just close my eyes for a few minutes to recharge. At least that’s what used to happen before we got a new receptionist.

She turned me on way too much

This receptionist was hot as hell. She would wear these really low cut shirts and I could see right down her cleavage. I really struggled with how much she turned me on. I never had any intention of cheating on my wife, but I knew I was on a slippery slope.

I would use any excuse to go up and talk to her so I could check her out. It got pretty bad one day when she leaned over in front of me. Her shirt opened up a little and I saw her gorgeous, pink nipples. They were perfect. Just the sight made my cock almost explode in my pants. She is the short of women you would like to cam with online, if you had a chance. That was my favorite hobby anyway, browsing porn sites, like The Cam Dude.

So Anyway, I had to do something

I was afraid of what I would do if I stayed that worked up. I had to do something. I’m sure any other guy can relate. I snuck into my wife’s office as soon as I saw her leave and jerked off so hard that I practically tore my dick off.

I came into a Kleenex and tossed it into her waste basket. I felt so relieved afterward that it turned into a habit. I’d talk to the receptionist, sneak into the office and jerk off to her as many times as I could.

She found out

My wife eventually found out because of course she did. She gave me a present one day and told me to open it. The box was filled with my used, crusty Kleenex. There were dozens of them. My wife kept track of every single time I jerked off to the receptionist.

Underneath the Kleenex was a brand new chastity cage. She didn’t have to say a thing. Now I can’t talk to the receptionist anymore. It gets me too worked up and now I’m locked up.