Driving Him Wild With Desire

Let me start off by saying that I’m not a mean woman. I just expect a certain level of submission and
compliance from my husband. I’ve always known that he had a wondering eye. It was something that I
decided to live with before I married him.

I knew that he was dedicated to me and would never do anything more than look. That’s not to say it wouldn’t upset me sometimes. I would catch him staring at some young piece of ass every time we went out to dinner. I always knew that he would sneak into the bathroom before bed and jerk off to them. It had kind of a cumulative effect on me.

I Decided to Try a Cage

After many, many months of this, I decided to do something about it. I bought him the best cage that I
could find. I didn’t want him to be in pain, I just wanted him to understand that his penis wasn’t meant
to be used the way he was using it.

I wanted him to know what I was his wife and should be the only woman it was meant for. I explained all of this as I was locking him up and he accepted my ruling gracefully.

The First Night was Amazing

I didn’t take long for me to see that I made the right choice. We went out to dinner and I could see him
eying every hot, young thing in the restaurant. Our waitress was especially flirty. I knew it was just to get
a big tip, but guys don’t understand that.

She shoved her tits in his face and laughed at all his jokes. He disappeared into the bathroom that night and came back a few minutes later. I could tell that the cage had done its job. He was all worked up and unable to blow.
The Next Day
He woke me up the next day with a full hour of oral sex. He tended to my every need and desire. I had
him clean the house from top to bottom with the promise of letting him out if he did a good job. The
house had never been cleaner.

I stuck to my word and let him out that night. He thanked me with yet another round of endless oral sex. Now I only bring him to places I know will be filled with gorgeous women.