Is Using a Male Chastity Device Necessary?

male chastity device

One of the first questions many couples have when making the decision to implement male chastity to enhance their relationship is whether to use a male chastity device.

Male chastity obviously involves controlling the male orgasm, so a male chastity
device is the perfect tool to help accomplish this daunting task.

There are some exceptional men who are capable of being denied without any
help, so to speak. These rare males are honorable and
trustworthy to a fault and make up a very small percentage of men in general and chastised men
in particular.

Think about it for a minute, both of the words ‘honorable’ and
are an oxymoron when describing a hard dick. In the real world,
most men don’t choose to exercise much self control, if any, when it comes to sex.

If a woman wants complete control of the male orgasm, then placing him in
some type of chastity device is probably going to be a necessity.

But there’s much more to a male chastity device than simply being an effective way
to prevent unauthorized orgasms.

There are more than just a few intoxicating
mind games going on behind the
scenes for both the male and female alike.

For him….

  • Hearing the symbolic click of the lock as she snaps it shut
  • Seeing the key to his cage nestled between her breasts
  • Not being able to touch his cock
  • Having to sit down to go pee
  • Physical proof that he no longer cums when he wants
  • Facing the likelihood of donning a strap-on dildo in order to quench her
    thirst for penetrative sex, which he obviously is not able to provide her

For her….

  • The exquisite power trip that comes with being a ‘keyholder’
  • The erotic look of the chastity device itself
  • His willingness to endure some minor discomfort, just for her
  • A valid reason for him to get a PA piercing (by a female, of course)
  • No more worries of him masturbating behind her back
  • Intense tease and denial sessions without any ‘accidents’ occurring

The real benefits of a male chastity lifestyle comes when both
partners are fully committed to the orgasm denial process.

chastity device

A male chastity device insures that everything will be taken to an authentic
and authoritative level. It’s physical proof to both partners that he is going to be denied for as long
as they have both previously agreed upon.

If the male chooses to consent beforehand that his confinement will be at his keyholder’s discretion, then he
knows that by wearing a chastity device, he won’t be cumming until she says, whenever that happens to be.

It’s difficult to accomplish this level of control without a male chastity device firmly locked in place, with only the
woman having access to the key.

It’s not very likely for the female to garner unconditional control over her male’s orgasm, and reap the many rewards that
come along with that control, without placing him in a male chastity device.

Chastity devices are very popular and getting more so everyday and nothing will
spice up your sex life faster than male chastity. You can find a really nice one
right here.

2 thoughts on “Is Using a Male Chastity Device Necessary?

  1. The vast majority of men masturbate and do not stop. For female centric lifestyle is very important that women control male orgasm. Masturbation should be completely disabling. To achieve these two objectives is essential chastity belt. Most men can pull out penis. Prince Albert and frenum piercings are great for security. My husband wears Jailbird that is secured with a frenum cable. He has the ring on the frenum, on ring is attach cable and on device.
    Jailbird is a great chastity belt for hygiene. My husband during week continuously wears CB. Once a week, I take off his CB, than we have sex, intense teasing, and after that his penis go back in CB. It helps my husband to attend to me, and housework. because he knows that his penis be in a cage all time. He is easy concentrate on my pleasure, His tongue is excellent trained and he has a mental orgasm when I have an orgasm.

    1. Women should go well beyond finding male chastity necessary. They should make it a mandatory requirement. Women also have the option to take chastity control to a whole new level. I pray a woman will use to train me to complete submission.

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