Ensure He Is Following Your Chastity Orders

Ensure He Is Following Your Chastity Orders  Chastity Resources

When practicing male chastity on your submissive partner, you might occasionally be wondering whether or not he is following your orders.

Trust is key to any relationship, especially one that involves one person owning another’s orgasms, so checking in on him should never be second guessed.

If you feel that there is any chance of him enjoying his orgasms without you, then don’t hesitate to make him prove his fidelity.

So how can you do this? Well, there are a few ways to do it while you’re at work or away. The easiest way is to simply make him provide you with pictures throughout the day at your discretion.

This is best done if you’re using a chastity device, but can be done without it.

If he is outfitted with a device, let him know that you’ll be texting him randomly throughout the day for proof in the form of pictures.

Make sure that you do it when you know that he has down time, or during his normal masturbation times. Simply have him expose himself to his camera, with the chastity device still on and in place, and you can rest assured that it hasn’t been tampered with.

Doing it randomly and expecting the pictures quickly will make him have a second thought if he’s considering sliding himself out and having a party.

Without a chastity device, you can ask for the same thing, but you’ll want to focus on his underwear. Make sure that there are no wet spots on the fabric. One of those is a dead giveaway that he has recently ejaculated and his body is still expelling semen.

If your partner is well versed in the ways of the orgasm, you are going to need to consider sex toys. Men crave orgasms and they have found many ways to induce them, including massaging their own prostate.

If you have anything longer than the human finger that your submissive can slide into his own anus, then he can give himself a prostate orgasm.

This is achieved by first finding the prostate, then simply massaging it until orgasm. The important thing here is that your partner can induce one of these orgasms without touching his penis or adjusting his chastity device.

At the end of the day, making sure your submissive follows your orders is all about trust. If you have no reason to distrust him, then your relationship is in great shape.

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