Locking him up to save my effort

I wanted to know why he didn’t need regular milkings as much. I wanted to know why this time, so I set up hidden cameras all throughout the house.

If something was going on then I wanted to know about it and it didn’t take long for me to find out. This new slave, just like all of the others, was disobeying me and pleasuring himself after he learned my schedule enough to keep from getting caught. That was the reason for his lack of effort and I was going to put a stop to it.

I bought a cage

I had a cage show up in the mail two days later and I wasn’t open to any discussion about him wearing it. I put it on him myself and made sure that he had no way out of it.

I even watched him through the cameras with every spare second I had to make sure he wasn’t able to touch himself. He certainly tried for the first few days, but he quickly gave up. The cage was simply too secure for him to disobey me.

He’s back to being himself

Now that I’ve taken away any bad temptations, my husband is back to being the good and obedient slave that he used to be.

He now knows that his only hope of feeling empty is to follow my orders and earn his prostate milking. He’s on his best behavior and he never even thinks of crossing me anymore.

I’m very happy that I put him in his cage and I know that it will be a huge part of his life for as long as I decide to keep him in my service.t of time researching male chastity when I started seeing my husband. I always knew that I was going to end up teaching him his place beneath me, but I wanted to do it properly this time.

I had dated plenty of the guys in the past and held them to chastity. The same problem would come up after about six months, though. They would suddenly stop following my orders as closely and I had to cut them loose.

I had my suspicions as to why, but I never bothered looking into them when I had so many other men begging me to take them into my service instead.
I kept him healthy

I wanted to keep this new slave as healthy as I possibly could and that led me to explore prostate milking. I knew that men needed to be emptied out once in a while and I committed myself to it.

I would bend him over every few months and massage his prostate through his anus until the semen leaked from him. I thought I was doing everything I could to keep him happy, but then the same thing happened.
I wanted to know why

Once again, this slave stopped following my orders as closely. It was as if he wasn’t looking forward to