My Husband Can’t Stop Jerking Off

I’m pretty fed up with my husband at this point. He simply refuses to stop jerking off. He does it all over the house, too. Every time I walk into a room, I have to watch out for his crusty underwear and sock on the floor. It wouldn’t be as bad if he just cleaned up after himself.

He won’t do that, either. I refuse to live in a house with cum landmines all over the place. The only option I have left is to put him in chastity. I’ve given him plenty of chances to turn things around. Now I have to deal with it.

I’m in the process of shopping

I want to find the best cage that I can. I know there are models with butt plugs built into them. I think that would be best for him. I want him to be humiliated every second that he has it on. It’s only happening because he doesn’t have any self-control…and seeing as he loves going to femdom porn sites most days, I think this control should turn him on.

This is my way of reminding him of that. Since he can’t control himself, he can walk around with a plug in his ass. It’s just the way that things are going to be from now on.

I won’t let him know ahead of time

I’ve also made the decision to not let him know what’s happening. I don’t want him to take advantage of the time to jerk off even more. I’m going to spring it on him and he’ll have to deal with it. I haven’t decided if I’ll ever let him out of it to relieve himself.

I read a lot about women using it to make their husbands do what they want them to do. That’s a pretty good idea to me. I can force him to clean the entire house by promising to let him jerk off for a few minutes. Hopefully it can help him to be a better husband to me. I can’t wait to lock him up. I feel that it’s going to be a whole new chapter to our life.

I know he won’t like it at first, but that’s his problem. He’ll get used to it eventually. I just need to make him stop jerking off all over the place. He knows that I’m in charge, but he just doesn’t want to follow orders. He’s done this to himself.