Tease and Denial Equal Male Devotion

tease and denial

Male chastity and orgasm denial go together like chocolate chip cookies and
milk, Beavis and Butthead or Sonny and Cher. Something just doesn’t seem right
having one without the other.

But for a male chastity lifestyle to work-out over the long haul, the male is going to need some occasional positive reinforcement between his orgasms, if he
is allowed any at all.

That’s why tease and denial work so damn well together; it effectively keeps
him in a perpetual state of erotic ecstasy that can become extremely addictive.

Tease and denial sessions don’t need to be scheduled more often that once per
week. More frequent that and they become too much work for the woman while
they can send a man to the insane asylum.

A smart woman uses these strategically scheduled sessions to keep the male in
a lustful state, locked up in a chastity device, which renders him as the attentive and devoted boyfriend or husband that she needs him to be.

If the tease and denial sessions wind up turning her on, as they most likely
will, she can cum as much as she wants all the while keeping him denied.

Here are some popular tease and denial ideas that she may want to consider
implementing into her male chastity program.

teased and denied

» He is naked and standing up with his hands restrained
behind his back. She, dressed in sexy lingerie, sits on the bed in
front of him and takes his chastity device off. After stroking him to the edge as
many time as she likes, she uses an ice-pack to make him small enough to get him
locked back up in his male chastity device.

Immediately afterwards, she lays back on the bed and uses her favorite
vibrator or dildo to get herself off. If she is feeling particularly wicked, she
will undo his hands, have him don a strap-on so he can fuck the shit out of her.
No reason for her to go without penetrative sex just because he has to.

» With the same set-up as above, she deftly manipulates him to a
ruined orgasm. This will take some practice and skill to get the timing down,
but when done just right, it can be much more frustrating for the male than
simple orgasm denial.

» She passionately kisses him and fondles his caged cock through his
pants right before sending him off to work; all the while dressed up in her
sexiest outfit of course.

» If he has displayed exceptional behavior during the week, she allows him
an opportunity to spin-the-wheel or roll the dice with varying outcomes. Some of
the choices/consequences can be….

  • Sorry…. spin again next week but only if behavior warrants it
  • Hard penis whipping with no orgasm
  • Full on fuck with orgasm
  • Her whim…. if any
  • Full on fuck with no orgasm permitted
  • Allowed to masturbate – time, place and method of her choosing
  • Full on fuck using a strap-on with chastity device in place
  • Masturbate on her ass and lick-up his mess
  • Ruined orgasm
  • Forced milking – lick-up the mess afterwards

Remember, this is T&D so she should make sure that the game is rigged so that there will be
no male orgasm 70 to 80% of the time. It’s in her best interests to keep him
wondering what’s next.

There are many more ideas for T&D sessions too numerous to list here. Erotic
and stimulating tease and denial scenarios are really only limited by her iniquitous imagination.

She should use her ingenuity, using tease and denial techniques that will take him to a previously uncharted area
of male devotion. Effective long term denial will obviously require that he be
put in a male chastity device, which you can find
right here.