How I Use My Sissy Husband

My Sissy Husband

I married a sissy man, we were dating and after only a few months he confessed to me that he would actually like to be a true sissy husband, to wear ladies clothes and be humiliated and dominated.  At first I was a little shocked but I let him bring his clothes to my house and I really got into it. He would obey anything I ordered him to do.

Great getting all the boring and hateful jobs done.

To cut a long story short we got married and I have a business that does very well but he has a low income job.

Nothing Surprises Me Now About Husbands

I actually stopped being surprised at men’s need to be dominated some time ago, when another successful women friend of mine told me she meets quite a lot of sub men on mistress website’s like Mistress Meet

It’s amazing how many men desire a powerful women in their lives to control them sexually!  Many of these husbands start out by fantasing about being a sissy for their wife’s and indulge by reading sissy stories on the internet/ This also starts many of them to make a natural journey to becoming a sissy cuckold. That’s a whole other dimension, but still worth a read if you have a chance.

I have another life long friend called Linda, that owned a old persons home, Linda is not married and no boyfriend and I was a little drunk one night and told her about my husband.

She said that she would love to see him in his gear so we arrange the following Saturday night for her to come round to my house I never told my husband. At 8 pm the door bell rang and I ordered him to answer the door he complained but I ordered him to do it.

I stood back and watched the look on my friends face was magic as she stood and stared him up and down.

Ordering My Sissy Husband Around The House

He was ordered to serve us drinks and as we talked she asked was he in a job and I said yea but it is low paid and he works 40 hours per week but I keep him busy here at home, I said why do you ask and she said that she had problems getting staff for her old persons home and then the penny dropped and as he served us drinks I said why not put him to work for you.

What a great idea she said, I will have vacancy’s for a cleaner and laundry worker, she looked at my sissy husband and said what one of these jobs would you like, before he could answer I said what not both.

We both bust out laughing then my friend said it maybe possible as each job is 30 hours that 60 hours per week, but if he worked 7 days a week that less that 9 hours a day, yea she said but what about your house work and I said there is still 6 or 7 hours a day left and 8 or 9 hours left for him to rest and at this moment he can keep the house, laundry and garden under 30 hours a week I went on to say still time left to keep your home in shape also if you like, it the least he could do to get a 60 hour job.

I turned to my husband and said what do you think of this great offer and he answered what ever Mistress wishes and we both bust out laughing and his face got bright red.

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His Humiliation Gets Worse

I then asked my friend what the jobs entailed and she said that as the home was not that large only 20 residence each room had a en-suite so each would have to be cleaned and bed pans empty all the bedroom and common areas cleaned etc etc .

The other job is laundry washing and ironing sheets etc and personal clothes of the residences, I then said that would be fun for you slave smelling all the old ladies knickers, we again bust out laughing. Linda said is he into smelly knickers and I said the dirty the better., Linda said he would need to be careful not to get caught.

Turned to him and asked would you smelly the knickers and he answered yes please, we just looked at each other and Lynda said what a pervert.

As I sent sissy hubby off the get us more drinks I said why not do it as I now only use him for personal service with his mouth I keep him in chastity, she said do you really I said yea I show you, on his return I ordered him to pull up his skirt and pull down his girdle to show his locked cock, He went bright red again .

My friend remarked that he may pass as a women and I agreed so she said that she would arrange a women’s uniform for him and I said that he should wear a all in one girdle and stockings under it to keep him in shape.

Now 4 weeks later my husband starts his day at 7am get shaved and breakfast get ready for work it only take him about 10 minutes to the work to start a 7.30 and finish at 4.30 7 days a week then he is home and works I my house till around 10 pm 4 days a week and the other 3 days he goes to my friends house to work for her.

This is working out great except one day he was sent home with a sealed letter from my friends house and when I opened she wrote to ask would it be ok for her to punish him for anything like bad or slow work. I sent him outside to do some work and rang her and said of course punish him, I asked how his work was that the old person home and she said that it was a lot better that what workers she had before but could do a bit better.

Training continues for my husband

I told her to take notes on his work in the old persons home and her house and once a week confront him and punish him, I told her if I find any faults here I use a ridding crop and for each fault I give him between 6 and 10 wacks and to make it more humiliating and reinforce his punishment count each stroke and thank me for each one.

She thanked me and said that she will buy a crop the next day and start to use it.

I was round at her house for dinner that our slave made and I asked her how things was going and had she to use her crop, she said that she had a few times and in fact after dinner she had a couple of faults to deal with and I said great I have one fault I found this morning that he had not sorted my panties in the correct colours in the drawer.

After we had dinner and he had his in the kitchen as he is not alllowed to eat with ladies we summoned him to get his punishment Lynda explained him that when she inspected one of the bathrooms that there was a shit mark on the edge of the bowl in the old persons home and if she finds it again she will make him lick it clean the other fault was that he had failed to inform her that the washing powder was running low so that she could order it sooner now you will recive 10 wacks for each offence.

I ordered him to take down his girdle and knickers and touch his toes and Linda started the first whack he stated count and thank her for each one, when she had give him 20 he was about to pull up his knickers I said stay there as it is my turn I give him 20 more. His ass was really sore by now.

Lynda then spoke and said that she saw some nettles on the side of the road near the driveway and for him to go and pick a bunch and come back he looked at me for help and I shouted at him obey your orders, after about 5 minutes he returned with about 10 nettle stems and Lynda told him to drop his girdle and knickers again and put the nettles inside then and pull the girdle and knickers up again, he was in tears and wriggling around.

Lynda Really Knew How To Control My Sissy Hubby

Lynda told him that they where to stay in his girdle until the morning.

I can’t help thinking how well Lynda has got into it, I know Lynda swings toward women and it has interested me also but I have never tried it.

Lynda asked slave boy if all his list of chores where finished and he answered that he still had some ironing to do, she shouted at him you better get on with it then but first bring us another bottle of wine.

When we where alone and We had a few more drinks I said to Lynda that the only sex that I was getting was slaves tongue and a vibrator, she said that she had used him also to lick her sometimes,
I was getting turn on and suddenly I reached over and kissed Lynda and to my delight she loved it.

We now spend some nights together and I love every minute.

I am now fully happy and have no longer any interest in men other that to use slave to lick me.

What a journey we have come.