Chastity Probably Saved My Marriage

I’m addicted to masturbating. I have been for a very long time. I honestly used to not be able to
remember that last time I had been able to get through the work day without masturbating three or four
I would see the women in the office and have to run to the restroom to jerk off to them. I would
get home with my dick raw and red but that wouldn’t stop me from masturbating another three of four
times before bed. I would jerk off in the shower, I would jerk off in the living room and I would jerk off
in the kitchen.
I couldn’t stop myself and my wife was starting to suspect what was going on. I had become addicted to BDSM websites.
I remember one time that we were visiting friends in the evening. It was a husband and wife and she
was hot. Too hot for me to control myself. I excused myself and headed right for the bathroom. I
opened up their hamper and rifled through it until I found her sexy panties.
I couldn’t even wait to sit down on the toilet. I held her panties up to my nose and jerked off right into their hamper. I know that they said something to her about the strange bleach smell in the bathroom that night.
It all came to a head when my wife caught me jerking off into her shoes. I just loved the smell of them
and would do it every chance I got. One day I just did it a little too late into her pumps. I didn’t know
she was planning on going out that night. She slid her sexy foot right into them and onto my fresh load.
She went nuclear. She told me that my worthless cum had no place on her body.
She had a chastity cage for me the very next day. She locked me up without even giving me a chance to jerk off one last time. I hated it at first, but now I can see why she did it. I’m a model husband now. The only thing I can think about is being let out so I can masturbate.
That means I have to clean the house every single day. I have to cook dinner and I have to keep my eyes on the floor in front of other women. We’ve never been happier together.