Waiting in Chastity

No matter how long you’ve been in chastity, the worst part about it is always going to be the waiting. It doesn’t matter whose idea it was to put you in chastity. It could have been you or it could have been your partner.

Either way, you’re going to get to a point where you have nothing to do and your chastity is taking away your only chance of doing something. That’s when you really have to look around for a way to pass the time.

If you’re just sitting around and watching the clock then you’re doing it wrong and you could be much more productive.

Clean the house

If you really want to impress your partner then the best thing you can do while you’re waiting is cleaning the house. That’s going to get you on her good side right away. If you’re really lucky, you might be granted a little bit of time outside your cage.

More than likely, though, you’ll just get her gratitude. Cleaning is something that no one wants to do, but it’s a great way to make the hours fly by, even if you’re not overly enjoying yourself while you do it.

Take up exercising

Just like cleaning, exercising is a great way to pass the time while getting some great end results for yourself. You can go as hard as you want and work on your body when you have nothing else to do in a day. You don’t even need to get a lot of expensive equipment to make it happen.

All you need is an empty room or a front door. Walking will make you feel better in general and help you lose any excess weight that you might be carrying around. Weight training will put some muscle on your body and all you need is something heavy to pick up and put down.

Pick up a hobby

Next up, you can pick up a brand new hobby. There are self-serving hobbies, like building models or playing board games, then there are hobbies that you can use to make a little extra money. Woodworking is really one of the best that you can get into. It will take some money to get the tools you need, but there are several guides online that you can use to get yourself started for under $100.

As your skills grow and you become more proficient, you can actually sell the things you make to make a profit. It’s something that can benefit both you and your partner while getting you through the hours of boredom that are necessitated by chastity.

Try them until you’re happy

If you don’t know which way of passing time is the best for you then you can try out different ones until you land on something that you really like. Give each one a shot and see how it goes. You’ll know when you come across it when you find it. Then you’ll never have to deal with the boredom ever again.