Choosing A Lock For Your Male Chastity Device

What kind of chastity lock

There are lots of different options when it comes to chastity devices. One of the most important is the lock that comes along with it. While all function the same to keep the penis secured away, the difference is in the lock.

You can really customize it to make sure you’re getting the most out of your device. There are classic lock and key versions as well as timed ones that you can use to let the submissive out at specific times. One of the newest on the market is a lock that can be controlled over the internet.

For a classic feel to your chastity, you only need to look as far as the basic lock and key. This is a physical key that can be kept on the woman at all times. Most chastity belts come with a backup in case something happens to the original.

Many women opt to keep it on a necklace so they can access it whenever they want. This is by far the most secure method of keeping a cage locked because only the person with the key can open it up. It’s also the least expensive version and the most readily available.

If the woman chooses to keep her submissive on a regular schedule, she can opt for a timed lock. This has to be programmed and will open at any interval that she chooses.

The drawback here is that if the man doesn’t earn his freedom, the schedule will need to be accessed and amended. It’s not a simple matter of choosing not to unlock him with a key.

The major benefit is that the woman can keep the man on a schedule whether or not she’s around. If she travels or simply lets him out while she’s out of the house, the device will automatically follow her settings.

One of the best options is controlling the device through a Bluetooth connection and the internet. Once again, it can be accessed whether or not the woman is around. All she has to do is visit the web site or mobile app to open or close the lock on her submissive.

It comes with plenty of freedom and no worry of losing the physical key and having to go to extreme measures to get the chastity device off. Modern technology is making even the act of locking up a submissive much easier and much more fun.