In Chastity And Used By My Mistress

Tied up on an X shaped cross,helpless,my chastity cage in place for at least 1 month was a milestone for me. Blindfolded,ball gag in place, I am teased by hearing a woman being feverishly orally assaulted while she moans softly at first building up to a crescendo of multiple loud orgasms while demanding “Lick my pussy like an ice cream cone then stick your tongue in as deep as you can so I can cum on your face.

Lap my juices, suck it out of me. When I decide I’ve had enough then I want you to stick your tongue deep in my rosebud and don’t stop until I CUM and scream uncontrollably while I continue to squirt all over your face.”

Unable to do anything other than listen and smell the aroma of sexual pheromones my cock strains in its metallic confines praying for release, knowing this won’t likely happen.

After what seems like an eternity I feel a hand slowly grabbing my caged device,initially teasing while taunting, “AWW, poor baby,all locked up and nowhere to go. Do you want to come out and play for a while?”

“I’ll tell you what, I’m going to free your hands and you will bend forward,understand? Then you will stick out your tongue and lick and suck my pussy until I tell you to stop. If you show enthusiasm I might let you tongue fuck my asshole. Would you like that?”

I hear,what is probably a table being moved into position and next I feel a hand grabbing the back of my head and pushed into a wet and hot pussy.

I was in ecstasy enjoying what I do best because I savor it more than regular sex,while my cock strains in vain against its confines.I lap and drink her juices as if I was dying of thirst while she shakes and moans for me to suck harder, faster, fuck me with your tongue, DEEPER. ARRAAAGGGHHH, I’m going to CUM all over your face! I was bathed by her relentless squirting,screaming and shaking.

She finally slows down,pushes my head lower and commands me to lick and fuck her ass with my tongue. I complied and while I began my quest I noticed a salty, creamy taste and when she noticed my initial hesitation,she grabbed the back of my head and pushed me in to the deep recesses of her orifice.

“That’s more like it,now clean me out.” I dove in as deep as my tongue would go, wishing I could go deeper. This went on for an eternity until she was satiated. She pushed my head away,got off the table and restrained my hands again.

I feel and hear the unlocking of the restraining device,and,slowly being removed,while at the same time,the female voice is panting while being serviced. My restrained member springs to attention while being lubed and of teased to full erection.

I was teased and edged mercilessly for what seemed like hours while she is being serviced yelling harder,FASTER,FASTER”. She continued to stroke me,she would sense when I was going to cum and she would stop watching my cock twitching on the relentless edge while laughing at my torment. She had finally had enough and informed me she was going to make me cum.

She grabbed my balls firmly pulling them down,she teased the head of my cock and just as my breathing intensified,she knew I was reaching the point of no return and just at the right moment right before I came,she stopped.

The sweet torment of the ruined orgasm had me scream even with the gag in place. I was cleaned with a wet cloth then a bag if ice was placed on my still erect cock until it reached the size to be placed back in the cage.

The saga continues……………