What Type of Women Makes the Best FWB

My number one market when it comes to sex partners, fuckbuddies, friends with benefits (however you want to call it) are without a doubt lonely housewives. Just think about it for a second. A lonely wife can absolutely give you what you’re looking for when it comes to sex.

She has experience and can teach you a lot of new sexual things that you wouldn’t even think was possible. And the reason why she’s lonely is that despite the BMW, despite the Mercedes, despite the big house at the right side of town, despite the otherwise happy family, she’s lonely inside. Her man is not banging her and that is why they make the ideal sexpartner.

Sure, a some of these guys who have found some sexy wives as their fuckbuddies are taking care of business. They bring home the bacon. We’re talking about at least $200,000 a year. That’s not the problem. You see, money doesn’t buy attention. These women are sex addicts.

These women are sex machines. But they’re not looking for sex primarily. They’re using sex as some sort of proxy for attention and affection. Unfortunately, the men in their lives look at money as a proxy for attention as well. These women are looking for attention. They’re not looking for money. So, you see the problem here?

That’s where I step in. I give any fuckbuddy the attention that they want and crave. In fact, it’s not much attention. I’ve discovered that with a lot of these friends with benefits things, you really can’t pour all your attention on them and act like a wet puppy around them.

That’s how you may be feeling deep down inside because you’ve got feelings for somebody, but don’t let your fuck buddy catch on. If you keep her at arm’s length, that gets her pussy juices going. That makes you even more attractive in her eyes.

I got the game down tight and it’s really amazing, man – I mean, I’ve had so many bang buddies who are lonely housewives. It’s fucking unbelievable. It doesn’t take much effort. As long as they feel you’re paying attention to them and you give them the impression that they still got it in the ass or looks department, they really give you all the right kind of attention.

In fact, one lonely wife even gave me $10,000 I didn’t ask for. I guess she just adopted her husband’s mindset that money somehow, someway equates to some sort of emotional attention. Not that I returned the money nor was I complaining when she handed the cash over to me, but it really was a nice touch and it really caught me by surprise.

Still, if you want to play the game right, you need to look for lonely wife singles clubs or dating sites. You can kiss goodbye to all lonely nights that you’ve spent at typical dating sites trying to hunt college pussy. You can kiss all that bullshit goodbye.

The best part about lonely wives is that they’re very eager. As long as you get them to orgasm at least three to five times, boy, they will keep hollering at you. That’s how awesome these women are. They’re very grateful. They have a tremendous amount of respect. As long as you respect them and treat them right, you got on-call pussy pretty much for life.