Long Term Chastity

How long do You Want to Preserve Your Male Chastity?

deviceYou might think that chastity is reserved for females, but more and more men are choosing male chastity and abstaining from sex for various lengths of time for various reasons. Some men abstain because of their morals.

They choose to remain a virgin or cut themselves off from sexual gratification until they are married. It can also be an effective way to make the man more aware of his partner’s needs. Men can usually have an orgasm much easier than women and can achieve it must faster.

This makes some men selfish and they don’t bother to tend to their partner’s needs once they are sexually satisfied. On the other hand; it can also be a method of erotic pleasure for a dominant woman as well as her submissive man.

Couples who are into BDSM sometimes use male chastity to enhance their sex life and it is often the man’s idea.

Making Your Male Chastity Long Term

In a standard male chastity arrangement; release is allowed every few days or so. Long term male chastity involves extending the chastity arrangement to months and even years. Discuss it with your partner.

Let them know that you want to experience long term male chastity and let them know why. Your partner should understand that male chastity is not something that you decided to do on a whim. It takes courage to ask for something like this. It is a big decision and it is not an arrangement that should be entered into lightly. Long Term Male Chastity

You should approach it with caution and carefully plan out your strategy. Whether your male chastity is long term or short term; you need to start off slow and abstain from sexual gratification in small intervals.

Keep Your Chastity Device on, but don’t be Afraid to Take It Off

If you are using a device for long term male chastity; you should always keep it on, but be aware that there are some instances where it must be taken off. Don’t be so stubborn as to think that your success hinges on keeping the device on at all costs.

You must remove the device if it is necessary for hygiene reasons. You can always put it right back on when you clean it. You should also remove it if you start experiencing any pain or discomfort.

Complications could arise in various forms and you don’t want to risk injury by keeping it on and not seeking medical attention. You also might need to replace the device with a new one that is better equipped for long term use.

That being said; you should still try to keep the male chastity device on as long as possible without taking it off. The more time you spend without taking it off; the more it will feel like a part of you and you will feel naked without it. This is exactly what you want to achieve when implementing long term male chastity.