How I Placed My Hubby In Male Chastity

male chastity story

My husband John and I had been living FLR for about ten years at level three, and I enjoy it very much. But for the last several months I have been thinking about taking control of John’s penis on a more permanent basis.

This decision came about because I have been having an affair. My husband suspects I am fucking another man because no matter how careful I am sometimes I get careless and leave little clues.

For instance, I gave Hank my telephone number (he demanded it actually) so that we could make arrangements and one time John overheard me giggling during one of these calls. And while John tends to me in the bath he undoubtedly saw the bruises on the insides of my thighs and shoulders.

Still, he has never directly challenged me, and this is due to proper training over the years, he knows better than to question me about such things. I had cheated on him while we were dating and I promised him I did not love the guy and would break it off. That was ten years ago, and I have not had any affairs all this time.

These days I come and go as I please, and that is one of the many benefits a female led relationship. My husband John is twelve years older than I, and his prowess, enthusiasm, and interest in penetrative sex had waned somewhat.

But he does wonders pleasuring me orally. We even have a pet name for his tongue, and I love it when he goes down on me. And since taking a much younger lover, I want him to dive more often.

Over the last year, I had slowly begun to limit John’s penetrative sex at home to now maybe once a month. And I had introduced male chastity after a long conversation one night but on the honor system. No orgasm without my permission. It would be fun I told him. He agreed reluctantly, and I felt as though he was not serious. I demanded access to his computer and phone to make sure he was staying away from porn.

He became distraught and felt hurt that I did not trust him. He was adamant that he was loyal and not masturbating and to avoid a big argument I accept his plea. But I knew we needed more than the honor system.

My lover Hank is the one who suggested we get a chastity tube for John. This way, he said, I could be sure John was staying right and not having an orgasm without me. I explained to him that five years ago we had tried a device, but John could not tolerate it, and we had to abandon the experiment.

Hank opened his phone and showed me how many improvements and how many more choices were available these days. It seems there has been a massive jump in demand for male chastity devices as more and more the tide has turned to a Matriarch world.

I asked him how come he knew so much about it and he just smiled. He recommended I get steel and one that uses a catheter tube and piercing. This type device Hank explained, guarantees John will not be getting erections, cannot escape from the device and can wear it over long terms.

I felt a rush of excitement run through me with the thought of the power and control I would have. I reached down and put my long fingers on his eight-inch cock which amazingly always seems to be erect. I only had an hour before going back to my office. He ravaged me for a whole forty minutes.

I had a mind-blowing orgasm thinking about John’s penis. That night during my bath while John lathered my blonde hair I began the process. He did not seem very enthused by the prospects and asked why over and over. I explained I wanted this very badly.

But I knew I had to be loving and tender with him. I could not force it on him. The key to a successful female-led marriage is loving care and patience to make it work. He had to agree. For a whole month, I soothingly broke him into the idea. I had Tanya and her husband Roland, a long term FLR couple, come over for dinner and cocktails.

Roland had been in a device for over a year now. We went over the details and benefits. We discussed how this would cement the marriage for the long haul, something I knew John wanted very much. We discussed his lack of prowess and how I preferred him going down on me. I could tell John was warming up to the idea.

For one thing, he could see I was not going to drop it. Later Tanya and I discussed things out on the back patio by the pool. She explained to me how passive Roland had become since his belting. They had almost no arguments at all now. Tanya’s enthusiasm convinced me what I already knew really. I had to have John encased.

About a week later he came to me after he finished up the kitchen. I was in my home office doing work. He asked if we could discuss this chastity thing. How it would all work, what rules did I have in mind and how long he would have to be locked.

A week? A month? I could tell he was very nervous, afraid even. But a threshold had been reached and like the great business woman I am it was time to close the deal. I wanted a chastising ceremony at the house on a Sunday. I told not to worry because it would only be a few of my female friends. I would purchase the device, and I explained that we would proceed slowly and carefully. I did not tell him I intended to make it permanent.

I did not tell him he would not enter my vagina ever again. I called Hank late that night while I nursed a cocktail by the pool. He wanted to come to the ceremony, and I laughed and said no way buster. This ritual would be for women’s eyes only. John has been in the device now for five years. In the beginning, there were some awkward times and some crying.

But through my guidance and leadership, we have reached an incredible place now. John hardly ever complains anymore, and if he ever does, I let him know Tanya will be doing his discipline. And after a few times with that big Russian woman, she set him straight.

Hank is long gone after I found out he was banging another married woman. These days I am seeing a man named Darryl and could not be happier.