Chastity Keeps Me On Track During Isolation

male chastity story

I’m not with my Mistress right now. I’ve been forced to self-isolate on my own because of this virus outbreak…. and it’s been difficult. I’ve always had my Mistress to keep me on track when it came to getting my work done. I also rely on her to make me take care of the house.

For the first few days of being alone, I did nothing but masturbate. I had no reason not to. I wasn’t going to work and I had nothing to do. I was forced to tell my Mistress that my house was a mess and it was all my fault. She came up with a solution right away.

She had it shipped

She told me to enjoy my last few days of freedom until a package arrived. I had no idea what she meant by that. Still, I waited the few days and masturbated so much that my penis was red and sore.

I had spent tons of money on porn and was always at the window trying to see naked women in their apartments. I was a total mess without her. Then the package arrived and I couldn’t help but smile when I opened it.

It was a cage

My Mistress cared about me so much that she had a chastity cage shipped to me. I called her right away and she told me how things were going to be. The package also came with a small safe with no key. I was to put on the cage and put the key to it in the safe.

Once the safe was closed, only she would be able to open it. If I wanted to get out of the cage, I would have to complete all of my tasks. This was really going to change things for me.

I have to check in

Now things are going really well. I have to make a video call to my Mistress each and every day. I take her on a tour of my house and show her that it’s totally clean and up to her standards. If she’s in a good mood, she’ll unlock the safe over the internet.

She allows me to masturbate once before locking myself back up again. I’m very grateful for this cage. I wouldn’t have been able to make it through all of this isolation without it. I thank my Mistress every day.