I’ll Be The Chastity Mistress You Dream Of

I’ll Be The Chastity Mistress You Dream Of

I’m a Chastity Mistress who’s looking for a pathetic man to lock up and keep under my control.

I understand that it’s what you need in your life. You can’t handle the freedom of always being able to touch your cock.

It makes you do things that you always end up regretting.

I can fix that for you. I can make sure that your cock is the last thing that you ever think of.

I’ve been inflicting this on men for years, I know what I’m doing, believe me.

You’ll never be able to touch yourself. If you get yourself worked up, you’ll have to suffer.

You Crave A Mistress – I know You Do 

Yes, I know it’s your dirty little secret.

I get a lot of weak men who want to be my bitch on mistressmeet, however, I only choose the best or most suitable.

chastity mistress

When I interact with you, you’ll be a new man who always does what he’s told and acts like a good little boy.

I can make sure that you turn into the submissive bitch that you’re meant to be. That’s the power of a chastity mistress!

The lock to your cage will always be in my possession. It will never leave my sight. You can beg all that you want. You won’t be let out.

That only happens when I choose. You’ll have to earn it and the price will be high.

You’ll have to mind your behaviour at all times. It doesn’t matter if you don’t mean to do something stupid. You’ll still be held accountable to it.

Feel Like A Bitch For Your Chastity Mistress

You’ll feel like a total bitch under my control.

You’ll never be able to stand up to pee again. You’ll be forced to sit down like the pretty girl that you are. It doesn’t matter that you still think you have a penis –  you’re not the man that you think you are.

I’ll make it my mission to make sure that you understand it.

I’ll feminize you and make sure you learn your place. You’ll never confuse yourself with a real man again.

You’ll be nothing unless I tell you that you are and you’ll never have to deal with the sad realization that you don’t matter to anyone. You’ll always know.

I’ll also train you to treat a woman like she should be treated. You’ll be expected to assist me while I’m having sex with real mean.

You’ll be expected to clean me up after it’s all over and you’ll hold my hair while I take his massive cock into my mouth and suck on it.

You’ll do all of this in your cage…. for your chastity mistress

You won’t be able to relieve yourself no matter how much my moans turn you on…..my pleasure is for my bull, not you – you don’t deserve it. You’ll learn your place quickly.

On top of all of this, you’ll be the one to cook and clean.

You’ll be my little house slave. You’ll never see the light of day until you complete your tasks. They’ll be the first thing you think about when you wake up.

They’ll be the last things that you do before you’re allowed to sleep. You’ll be the perfect little servant for your chastity mistress. I’ll craft you into exactly what I want.

You’ll be under my control at all times. If you impress me, I might just let you out of your cage for a few minutes.

Your time out of your cage will be closely monitored. If you’ve done very well, you might just be allowed an orgasm. It won’t be a good one. I’ll make sure of that.

I’ll wait until your too close to stop yourself from cumming.

Then I’ll order you to stop touching yourself. Your useless semen will shoot out, but it won’t feel nearly as good as you want.

It’s medicinal and not for pleasure. It’s to keep you docile and under my control. Once it’s all out you’ll have to clean it all up.

You won’t get a rag for the work. You’ll have to suck it all up with your mouth and swallow it. It’s your mess, after all.

You need to be reminded constantly that you’re not a real man. That’s why you have to eat your own cum.

Then you’ll be locked right back up until I decide that I want to laugh at you again.

That will be your new life under me. That’s what I have to offer you. You know you can’t resist it. It’s in your nature. Give into it and find your rightful place under my foot.