How To Maintain Chastity For Men

man in chastity with powerful partner

When a man decides to give up his right to use his penis however he wants, he willingly enters into chastity. This can be a very rewarding lifestyle for the people who enjoy it.

All decisions about sex and orgasms are handed over to the woman in charge. She gets to say what happens to it and when, if ever, it gets used for pleasure. This can all be done with trust, but sometimes that’s just not enough.

Many couples opt to use devices to make sure that the woman’s wishes and rules are being followed. There are a few different ones out there, but the most common is always going to be the cage.

The male chastity cage is just like how it sounds. It’s a cage that’s used to lock up the penis. It usually comes with a lock and key that only the woman has access to unless she grants permission to the man.

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There are a few different variations but the overall design is usually the same. The cage straps around the waist and encloses the entire penis so it can never be touched or used. It’s a simple concept that has made its way into many female led relationships.

It’s important to mention that the cage always allows for urination. This means that it never has to be taken off for any reason.

Although the man will usually need to sit, he can still relieve himself. The act of sitting actually leads to feelings of feminization and emasculation that further his submission in the relationship. That turns out to be yet another benefit that the cage can bring.

Not only is it responsible for keeping the man in check, it also makes him much more aware of his position in the relationship.

There’s a reason that so many couples turn to cages for their chastity. They simply work and they offer a whole lot more than it seems. The mental impact is just as great as the physical. If you’re considering bringing chastity into your lives, then you really need to consider bringing in the cage as well.

It will strengthen the dynamic that you’re trying to create and help to ensure total obedience from the submissive male. There are plenty to choose from and they all come with their own little details. Do your research and find one that’s right for you and you’ll never want to look back.