Turning Him into a Male Chastity Slave

Deciding on where a male chastity lifestyle will eventually lead to is a
question that couples should talk about before actually locking him up.

More often than not, male chastity fits in perfectly with a D/s, Femdom or a
FLR (Female Led Relationship). Orgasm denial, in conjunction with a
chastity device, is just a natural extension of a Femdom relationship.

But not always. There are vanilla couples who embrace male chastity without
ever getting involved with any other D/s activities. They happen to be the exceptions

For many kinky couples, locking the male up while denying him orgasms is just
an occasional fantasy game to be played and they are perfectly happy to keep it that way.

On the other end of the spectrum, there are females who keep their
husbands or boyfriends locked up 24/7, practice long term orgasm denial along
with other Femdom activities such as whippings, verbal and public humiliation,
feminization, frequent

tease and denial
sessions and, if she so desires, even cuckolding.

Sometimes things progress to the point where she eventually turns him into a
permanent male chastity slave, with his concerned consent of course.

In reality, most couples never take things quite this far. Once he agrees to become
her full time chastity slave, a big, bold line is drawn; if he decides to step
over that line into slave territory, it’s difficult for him to ever go back.

chastity slave in a cage

When this happens, the woman becomes intoxicated with the power rush that goes
along with owning her own slave that she has complete control over, including
his ability to orgasm. There are not too many females that would ever feel
compelled to relinquish this control.

At this point, a true male chastity slave has, for all intents and purposes,
abdicated his rights as a husband or boyfriend. His keyholder may now feel compelled to go
out and find a real boyfriend to meet her romantic and penetrative sexual needs.

Her chastity slave has now been relegated to mere servant status. During the
times she has a lover in her life, he will typically be cut off from
any form of sexual intimacy and will usually be forbidden any orgasms

If she decides to forgo the cuckolding route, then a male strap-on dildo,
worn over his male chastity device, becomes one of her favorite sources of pleasure.

She now keeps him around for three reasons only….

  1. He takes complete care of all the home upkeep and housework, something
    she would never consider going back to.
  2. His outside job provides her with money for clothes, shoes, lingerie, make-up and
    hair/manicure expenses which are substantial.
  3. She is addicted to the power rush she gets knowing that she has her own
    slave locked-up and denied while she can experience as much
    pleasure as she wants.

Why would a male chastity slave decide to stick around and put up with this
demeaning, humiliating not to mention frustrating lifestyle.

That’s a question that he asks himself frequently, and one that only he can answered
by a deep understanding of the powerful emotions he feels while enduring long
term orgasm denial by way of a male chastity device? You can, BTW, find a nice one
right here.


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