Teaching My Submissive Patience

My sub tries to be good and follow my orders, but he’s a very weak man. I want to be the woman that all of my friends come to when they’re in need. I explained to him a very long time ago that he would be expected to orally satisfy anyone I brought into the house.

To his credit, he always gave it his best try. Two of my guy friends came over one day and I offered them both blowjobs. They accepted and my sub went to work on them. The problem is that it turned him on way too much. Having a real man in his mouth was too much for him.

He started jerking off without me noticing. He ended up cumming all over my friend’s shoe. I was beyond pissed off at him. I rubbed his face in it and made him lick it clean before making him go to bed early. I spent the rest of the night apologizing to my friend. I was humiliated.

I tried punishing

I needed to take care of his problem and I tried everything. I spent days beating his balls anytime he got an erection. I even stepped on his dick with my stiletto heels to train his body to hate the idea of pleasure. Nothing worked.

He was too much of a pain slut to really learn his lesson from it. I was out of ideas and my friends were going elsewhere to be taken care of.

I got a cage

I decided that the best path was to simply give him no option to be bad. I bought a chastity cage and locked him up as soon as it came. Now he wouldn’t be able to touch his tiny little dick, no matter how badly he wanted to.

I invited a few girlfriends over and ordered him to pleasure them with his mouth. He dutifully obeyed, but I still saw him desperately trying to pleasure himself.

Nothing worked! He tried pushing it, humping, everything. He finished with his job and simply sat there looking needy. I patted him on his head and told him to go away. He did as he was told and that was it. He simply doesn’t have a way to be bad anymore. It’s saved me a lot of frustration. Now my friends come over every day for a release and he keeps his cum to himself!