Male Chastity Training Tips for The Female Keyholder

chastity keyholder
She now has him locked up in his chastity device, just like he wanted, with the key safely hidden away or maybe even hanging sexily around her neck.

The Chastity Keyholder Can Now Begin His Training.

Male chastity isn’t something where once he’s locked up he is instantly at her beck and call, ready to serve. A newly locked up male must be properly ‘broken-in’. Any couple successfully living a male chastity lifestyle has at it’s firm foundation, a properly trained male.

Properly trained by his Keyholder.

Chastity training of a male is a process…. it’s going to take some time. There are two aspects to his training, the physical and the emotional.

Anytime a man begins wearing a male chastity device, whether it’s a cage configuration or a belt type, there is going to be some mild rubbing, chafing and discomfort until he becomes accustomed to it.

A couple can start off with him getting used to wearing it overnight. Once that benchmark has been cleared, it’s time to try for a week of uninterrupted wear. Depending on the chastity device and the male, this could take a while.

Once he can accept a week of continuous confinement with little or no discomfort, then he can be considered physically trained. If the couple opts to make the chastity device more secure by way of a PA piercing, then this will of course take some additional time to heal up.

The easy part is now over. Emotionally preparing a male to endure long term captivity and orgasm denial takes some tenacious training on the part of the Chastity Keyholder.

The initial firm and consistent effort required by the female will eventually reap massive rewards for her and ample appreciation from him.

She needs to stay aware of the truth that he is the one who has asked to be locked up and in spite of his backtracking behavior, this is what he really wants.

He will, at some point, ask to be let out and allowed to cum before the scheduled time that has been previously agreed upon.

As the Keyholder, her job is to firmly follow the plan that has been laid out…. no matter what he says.

If he becomes consistently annoying with his whining behavior then a little reverse psychology will usually solve the problem.

She should just hand him the keys and invite him to take the chastity device off right then and there.

female  keyholder

There are consequences of course. If he decides to take the chastity device off, then he is admitting to her, himself and the rest of the world that male chastity and
orgasm denial is not for him after all.

She would then expect no further mention of anything to do with male chastity from this point forward in their relationship.

However, if he decides to hand the keys back to her (which will happen about 99% of the time), then there will be no more queries from him about any type
of early release. Absolutely no complaining, bitching or whining will be
permitted…. PERIOD.

Once she summons up the moxie to draw a line in the sand with her 4 inch high heel, she is well on her way to having a well trained, chastised male.

And who knows, maybe even someday he will be downgraded to serving merely as her
male chastity slave, with her being the one receiving the sex.

She is now quickly coming to the realization that she is going to enjoy being a chastity Keyholder, probably much more than the fleeting pleasure he will receive being denied and locked up in male chastity device.

If your relationship is ready to experience some added excitement and eroticism, nothing will do the job quite like putting him into male chastity.