Introducing Cuckolding Into The Male Chastity Mix

Locked in Chastity

Being held in chastity can be a fun way to explore your submissive side, especially if you like to be punished.

The simple fact of the matter is that when you can’t even control when you orgasm, you know that you’re not in charge of your own body.

Every part of you has been handed over to someone else and she’s the one who calls the shots. No matter how much you beg and plead when your balls scream to be emptied out, if you haven’t earned it, you’re not going to get it. It gets even more intense when hardware is involved.

There are scores of chastity devices that can serve your mistress’s wishes to keep your testicles in her purse. From special underwear to cages that require locks to open, they’re all available to keep you from cumming.

Many of them are simply there to make it impossible to touch yourself, but others can actually cause pain at the slightest erection. No matter where you are or what you’re doing, if you see something that gets you hard, you’re going to pay.

Depending on the type of person that your mistress is, she may use it to her sadistic advantage. All she has to do is flash a little skin when you’re hard up and your penis will betray you, sending jolts of pain through your body.

Living your life in chastity only gets more difficult when you’re fully aware that she’s out getting laid whenever she feels like it. A cuckolded man can always be sure that his mistress is taking care of herself in any way that she sees fit.

While he sits at home with a cage around his cock, afraid to feel any arousal, she’s meeting up with her bull to have all of her needs satisfied. There are never any limits to the sex that they have and he’s never discouraged from having an orgasm.

The difference between the bull and cuck is that the bull actually has the means to satisfy the mistress. What the cuck lacks in penis size, the bull more than makes up for.

It’s not at all typical to find that the bull in this three way relationship has an above average sized member, often dwarfing the cuck’s. Much more than simple chance, the mistress often seeks out men with giant dicks to be their bulls. A dominant woman can take a lot of pleasure, and large penises have it for them. Moreover, it’s a great way to intimidate her submissive.

When he knows and can clearly see that the other man is physically superior to him in every way, he’ll make it his mission to let his mistress know how much he appreciates her attention.

Nothing he can ever do will deserve her focus when she can have a real man on top of her whenever she wants. Even the time taken to make sure he can never cum on his own is a gift to him that he can never repay.

For the ultimate cuckolding experience, every mistress should make it a point to have sex right in front of her sub. Forcing him to sit there and watch her skin blush as she approaches orgasm and listen to her moan as another man enters her body will have everlasting effects on his attitude.

It’s always best to put him to work after the act as well. Tasking him with cleaning up the bull’s spent semen will put him in a mental place that he’s likely never going to leave. He’s simply there to serve his mistress however she wants and nothing more.