Preparing Him for Permanent Male Chastity

permanent male chastity

Let’s face it, locking him up forever is one damn erotic
sexual fantasy…. for both him and her. But for most couples, permanent male chastity remains just that, a far-fetched fantasy.

However, times are a changin’ and as male chastity becomes more popular, some couples are turning to permanent male chastity to not only enhance but to
actually resurrect and sometimes even save their relationship.

Permanent male chastity is certainly not for every couple and is a decision that should never be taken lightly. After all, it’s permanent!

Preparing him for permanent male chastity is a process. It’s something that needs to be thoroughly discussed and planned out in order for it to work out.

The first step, once you have a well-fitting and reasonably comfortable chastity device locked in place, is to have him go 30 days of continuous chastity;
absolutely no removal of the chastity device and obviously, no orgasms.

The next milestone is to have him get a Prince Albert or PA piercing that will work with his current chastity cage. This would also be the perfect time to get a new chastity device, one that is suitable for very long term wear.

After his piercing is completely healed, it is now time to stretch his time in chastity out to 60 days. If he can physically and emotionally handle two straight months of
continuous chastity wear coupled with orgasm denial, he is ready to be locked up into permanent male chastity.

Some women will allow him 1 (one) orgasm per year, preferably on the anniversary of his permanent lock up, but always performed in a humiliating fashion.

Once he agrees to this, his surrender and devotion to you becomes complete. You now have your very own chastity slave.

With this control comes a power rush that is extremely erotic, from both his and her perspective.

He will always be horny, frustrated and ready to please, in any way that you want.

His libido can be kept at a high level by implementing intense weekly teasing sessions, with the chastity device always securely locked and in place of course.

male dildo harness

You will want to start a collection of strap-on dildos for when you desire penetrative sex. Many women find that they actually prefer a nice sized,
vibrating dildo over the ‘real’ thing.

Nothing is more erotic than to be fucked good and hard, for as long as you want, all the while knowing that he will never be achieving a release. His frustration level, and your state of arousal, will both be at a 12 (on a scale of 1-10).

Experiencing this inequitable power dynamic will soon have you reaching ‘earthquake level’ types of orgasms.

As far as his prostrate health goes, his body will naturally produce a spontaneous discharge, usually in the form of a wet dream, every 60 to 90 days. There will be no need for you to perform any messy and time consuming milkings.

Permanent male chastity has been known to save an otherwise ‘hopeless’ relationship. It can effectively replace a disdainful and disrespectful attitude on his part with one of adoration and appreciation.

Of course an adequate chastity device is an absolute requirement as a firm foundation for permanent chastity.


  • hendrick asper

    I need a female to lock me up permanently ad deny me sexual release. Please email me if you can do that. Thank you.

  • Kd

    If I could get my wife to do this I’d be in heaven. She accepts chastity but refuses to take the key or lock it she tells me to.
    What do I do

  • mike

    I have been in permanent chastity for over 12 months now. Relief came twice.

  • Wolfgang Sprung Jr.

    Throw the key in the trash.

  • rob

    i would love a mistress to do this to me

  • Silver

    Ma’am met me two days before her birthday at a hotel where she booked a weeks stay to meet me. The day after we met she handed me a store bought steel device. Way too small and I had to show her that I could get out of it when soft and soapy in the shower. We fixed that with surgical tubing over the base ring to tighten up. Four four months later she had me get into a mature metal jailbird.
    I have now been locked just over two years. I am not allowed to discuss it.. ever. You cannot know how wonderful it is. To always always want. Oooooh! WOOF !

  • Solidosprey

    I am 21 years old and want to wear chastity for months on end but not permantly. SA located. So want a keyholder. Also would like to be forced to wear woman underwear

  • Jade

    I am currently curios if there is a mistress willing to have someone like me as their sissy bitch, hah I can only dream right?

  • subwilliam

    I want to be locked in permanent chastity and am actively seeking a female key holder.

  • Maurice

    I would love to have a mistress that will torture my cock and will put me in chastity permanantly

  • Johnnie

    I have been in and out of chastity for a few years now. I have tried the trapped ball devices and I can easily slip out of all of them that I tried. The fact that I could get out was very frustrating. I finally brought myself to get a PA but it wasn’t done correctly and I ended up taking it out and letting it heal. After several months, I longed to be locked up again. I got my PA redone and at 8 gauge right off the bat – no pun intended. Once my new PA healed, I ordered a PA5000 and I have been in it for about one and a half weeks. My wife wears the key on an anklet and it is so sexy. The other key is hidden somewhere in the house in case of an emergency – would have to be life threatening. We don’t have a chastity contract but she says that I am locked permanently. On the outside, we live a normal life but sex is oral and via a strap on. I can tell you that going to the doctor is interesting and humiliating but She doesn’t have a problem with it. Anyway, I am constantly wanting out but I know better than to ask as the answer is always no.

  • Janice

    I am a sub sissy gurl looking to be kept in chastity.
    You can contact me at

  • John Cano

    slave wishes to serve so badly,it is wishing to surrender itself into total slavery,surrendering itself completely to a strict Goddess,under total and absolute control.. then locked into a watchful Mistress custom made cage,with a cage depth of only a 11/4 inch,totally eliminating erections altogether, keeping slave in absolute frustration at all times. Goddess would probably keep slave dildo’d at all times,with a dildo a size of her choosing in constant frustration and desperation
    Goddess could easily train slave to serve without question or hesitation publicly or privately no matter how humiliating.. Goddess woulkd teach slave the true meaning of total slavery.

  • Thomas

    Permanent chastity may be damned erotic, but can be extremly hard to bear if it comes to it in reality. So it happened to me. Once I initialised chastity, meant as a kink erotic game. My Wife became my Mistress, I became a Slavehubby with doing chores and serving Mistress. Chastity, tease and denial ….. all grew more and more to daily routine,
    About 1 year ago my Mistress came into menopause. No libido (zero!), extreme mood fluktuation and morbide jealousy of me having libido. Her fears, I could cheat on her, led into this “damned erotic permanent chastity”!
    No sperm release. No Orgasm. No dirty talk. Not any kind of Sex at all! In return I have to serve much harder and subserviently because of her moods. Have to give her massage, read to her, have to ask for permission for even lille things. And better she does not be aware my member growing…… that definitely leads to a harsh whipping. Generally I receive much more spankings and whippings than before her menopause.
    All of that sounds really bad, but you know the badest of all? I tell you:
    Meanwhile I enjoy this fucking damned erotic permanent chastity! And I am in fear what will come there if her menopause will end ……

  • M

    I really wanna try permanent chastity with inflatable butt plug up my ass, wearing latex with ballet boots, anklet, ankle shackles, thighs shackles, chastity bra and a metal posture neck collar together with handcuffs and a sensory deprivation hood to top it all

  • ChasteHubby

    We played around with chastity for about 7 months before my wife decided she wanted it to be permanent. That was 4 months ago and it can be incredibly frustrating sometimes. I think the morning erections are the worst. They don’t hurt anymore (that stopped after a few days), but they can get SO frustrating after the first month or so. Sometimes I wake up humping the mattress trying to get some relief. Usually this wakes my wife up.

    It was just in the last week or so that things started to get a little easier. I came to the realization that I didn’t really remember what an uncaged erection and orgasm felt like. As the memories of erections and orgasms fade, I don’t crave them so much.

  • dickhead

    What a bunch of sorry excuses for men. Losers! and nothing but a bunch of no good evil satanic power hungry man eating cunts! Fuck you all and your retarded male chastity bullshit! I’m a real man and I lead my relationships not the other way around

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