Andrea’s Cuckold Bitch in Chastity

Andrea’s Cuckold Bitch in Chastity  Chastity Stories

I have now gone 4 weeks without cumming, thanks to my tight chastity belt and the cruel cuckolding Mistress Andrea. I love my wife with all my heart and will do anything for her, which is often something she exploits daily.

Once again, it is a Friday night and I just was coming home from a long week at the office. I go into the bedroom to change clothes and get comfortable and there she is, just stepping out of the shower.

She tells me she is glad I walked in since she needed some help getting dressed before she went out clubbing.

She told me to get naked and then pick out a thong and a bra that matched. I quickly obliged, not wanting to get my ass beat or yelled at.

I grabbed sexy purple thong and the matching bra to go with it. I walked over to her with them in my hand and I was instructed to put the bra on.

With nervous hands, I slowly and carefully put the bra on, making sure not to mess up. She then pushed me down on my knees and told me to kiss her pussy before it got fucked. I gave it a kiss and was told to put the thong on her and tell the pussy bye.

I quickly put the thong on her and arranged it just perfect on her, saying bye to her pussy in the process, which just made her laugh.

She told me that she was going to the club tonight and that I was free to do whatever I wanted around the house. All she asked of me was to be ready for her when she got home, for she would need me when she arrived home.

This was different then normal, as I am usually assigned to countless chores or locked in bondage while she was out on dates or clubbing. She then made me leave the room after her so that she could finish getting ready. About a 1/2 hour later, she came walking out to the living room.

She looked stunning in her short skirt and top that was very low cut. It was a typical clubbing shirt, so no biggie for me except for some discomfort in my chastity belt.

She asked me for $200, which I gave to her. She loves taking cash from me instead of just using the card, since she tells me it is more humiliating. She kissed me on the cheek and told me she loved me as she walked out the door.

I just hung out most of the night, watching some basketball and snacking a little bit. I was kinda happy to have a free night with no chores, since it was a rarity.

I could only imagine what my wife and Mistress was doing right now, but I tried not to think about. Around 1am or so, I heard the door and in walked my wife with another man. My heart sank seeing her leading him in by his hand.

They both walked into the living room and she introduced me to Steve, her boyfriend for the night she said.

She told me that Steve has at least a nice 8 inch cock and she has already sucked his dick. She also told me that he loves to eat pussy, so I would not be needed to get her ready either. Without hesiting, they started to kiss and Andrea undressed him quickly, totally naked.

She told him to lay on the floor, which he did. She walked over to me and told me to take her skirt and thong off, which I did. She shoved the thong in my mouth and told me to taste her wetness from getting excitement and from all of the dancing she did.

She then walked over to Steve and sat on his face, with her facing his cock in the 69 position. Immediately, she bent over and started sucking his large cock, which was rock hard. He was licking her pussy and I could tell she was loving it.

That made me jealous, as most guys she brought home just fucked her silly and never ate her out, since it was my job. She stopped sucking his cock and looked over at me and told me to get naked and yelled at me for not being naked yet. I quickly undressed and she told me to come, which I crawled over to her.

She spit right in my face and told me to taste his precum. She yanked the wet thong out of my mouth and threw it aside.

She then told me that her new lover was different then the others. She told me not only does he love pussy and fucking pussies, that he also loves cock as well.

She said he just doesn’t like sucking cock or getting fucked by other guys, but he does love getting sucked off and fucking other guys. I knew this wasn’t going in a good direction for me now, and Mistress Andrea had a devilish grin on her face right now.

She then grabbed the back of my head and shoved it right down towards his cock. She told me to open up and start sucking some cock, which I had to do even though I didn’t want to whatsoever.

It was the worst thing I ever did. I was gagging on it and choking and I just thought it was nasty. Andrea just kept laughing at me and pushing my head down on the cock, forcing it down my throat.

After a few minutes of sucking his cock, she got off of Steve’s face and told me to stop sucking. She then realized my chastity belt was still on and she removed the cage from my cock, letting me get a nice erection for her.

She gave it a little flick and laughed as she watched it bounce. She then headed over to the couch and invited Steve to come over with her. She told me to go fetch the 8 incher and get my ass back quickly.

I quickly retrieved the menacing 8 inch black dildo, which I hated. I handed it to Mistress Andrea and she told me to get on my knees and put my ass in the air, facing the couch.

She then took the dildo and lubed it up a little and shoved it into my ass. To make sure it stayed in, she kept taking her foot and pushing it in as deep as she could.

She then told Steve that he could suck on her breasts for awhile while humiliating me with the dildo up my ass. I heard him sucking away and then she started kissing him, which drove me wild with jealousy. I loved her kisses and rarely got them and he just met her.

She finally was done with him on the couch and she pulled the dildo out of my ass. She came around to the front and told me to clean it awhile so she could go do something quickly.

She was gone for a few minutes and then came back and told me to stand up and bring the dildo. She grabbed my locked cock and pulled it like a leash and led me into the bedroom where we slept. She led me over to a higher up chair that we use for facesitting at times.

If I stand up and bend over, it is perfect height for me to be at a 90 degree angle, so she loves it for many things. She made me kneel in front of it and when I did, she took my hands and the long-chained handcuffs and cuffed them to the chair so I couldn’t escape.

She then motioned for Steve to come over and she told me just to kneel in front of her and look at her pussy, which I did.

She told Steve that she was getting him ready to fuck her and that she wanted to really make sure his balls were full of cum.

She started giving him a handjob and told me how nice and large his cock was in her hands. She said she can actually use her hands instead of two fingers to give a handjob like she has to with me. She kept stroking his cock, stopping every now and then and making me suck her fingers dry of the precum.

She then pulled me up as far as she could, which was tough with the handcuffs and shoved my head towards his cock. She told me to suck his cock and get it nice and ready to be used. I sucked for a minute or so and then she took me and shoved me down to her pussy, with my ass out in the air.

She then told Steve to come around to the back of me, which he did immediately. He then grabbed my hips and thrust his huge penis into my ass, making it hurt horribly.

I couldn’t stand the humiliation as he thrust his cock in and out of my ass, all while I licked away at Andrea’s succulent pussy. He kept coming and she pulled me up by my hair and asked how I liked it.

I said I didn’t and Andrea told me to shut up and keep licking, which I was forced to do. Finally, he pulled out of my ass and was finished, which pleased Andrea greatly.

She undid my handcuffs and told me to wait in the chair while her and Steve got ready for round 2.