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Orgasm Denial – How Often is Up to Her!

orgasm denial
One of the first issues that needs to be addressed when a couple first
embarks on a male chastity lifestyle is male orgasm denial and how long it should be for.

In order to adequately address this question, it’s wise to take a step back
and determine what the man had in mind in the first place when he originally
broached the subject of male chastity with his partner.

The area of male chastity can cover a lot of ground, anywhere from
permanent orgasm denial to mild chastity play. Both he and she need to decide
where on this wide spectrum their interests happen to lay.

From a man’s point of view, spending a week in a chastity device might be entirely too long. From the woman’s perspective, a month would be a good starting point, moving upwards from there.

Let’s get one common misconception out of the way from the get-go. A male
will suffer no permanent psychological or physical damage by being denied an
orgasm for a lengthy period of time. At some point, any build up in the
prostrate will take care of itself by the way of an involuntary discharge.
That’s what a wet-dream is.

For couples who prefer to spice things up a bit, there are always scheduled
prostrate milkings and ruined orgasms; erotic subjects of their very own more
suited for another time and place.

If he has in mind just some mild chastity play, then she should be prepared
for the possibility of him trying to top from the bottom along with some
bitching and whining when he hasn’t been allowed to cum for three days.

This type of high maintenance and bullshit behavior on his part usually doesn’t
make male chastity worth her time and effort.

On the other end of the male chastity spectrum, permanent orgasm denial
probably won’t be appropriate for most couples, at least not at the beginning of his

male chastity training

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In reality, the man that has requested to have his orgasms denied by his
partner needs and actually wants her to exercise some firm but loving control
over the situation. He will require that his limits be pushed beyond what he
thinks he is capable of.

For example, if he agrees to go a week without any type of release, then she
should extend that time to ten days or maybe even two weeks in a male
chastity device. It’s then important that she emphatically sticks to to that predetermined time frame, with no questioning, begging, whining or recourse allowed on his part.

orgasm denial

Her steadfast resolve will fulfill his deep-seated desire to be told ‘NO’
while at the same time will free herself of the tedious task of frequently
getting him in and out of his chastity device and then having to deal with the
annoying administration of his orgasms.

The longer the male is denied, the longer he will be able to maintain the
anticipation of sexually serving the female that he so secretly craves.

The longer the male is denied, the longer she can reap the emotional and
physical rewards that naturally come with keeping her male chaste, all the while
keeping her work-load to a bare minimum.

So to answer the question posed in the title of this article, how often
should he be allowed to cum?

Initially, longer than he thinks is reasonable. Eventually he will come to
the realization that the definition of ‘reasonable’ is best left up to her.

Orgasm denial for extended periods of time can be best achieved by requiring
him to wear a male chastity device. You can find a nice one by clicking here.

Is He Ready For a Male Chastity Piercing?

chastity piercing

As the male becomes more accustomed to being
locked up for extended periods of time and accepts his status of male chastity,
a natural move toward permanent male chastity will take place.

When this threshold is reached, it may be time for male chastity piercing. Having his dick pierced will take the the concept of permanent male chastity from fantasy to reality.

Although a typical male chastity device is fairly secure when fitted correctly, some men become quite ingenious when it comes to escaping from them when left alone.

When a female keyholder finds that unsupervised and unauthorized ejaculations are taking place, despite
being under lock-and-key, it’s time for HER to get him a male chastity piercing.

Some male chastity devices are designed to be used specifically with a chastity piercing, such as one of Mistress Lori’s secure, stainless steel devices or a PA-5000. There are, of course, many others.

Before you decide on a particular chastity device, you will want to consider the different types of chastity piercings.

Prince Albert Piercing

pa 5000

The Prince Albert, or PA piercing is the most popular male genital piercing,
especially for chastity devices. A PA runs through the urethra and then exits
out the bottom and rear of the glans.

The PA is a simple piercing for the practitioner and the least painful for the man being pierced. Healing time will
typically take from four to eight weeks. Expect some bleeding at first.

Frenum Piercing

frenum piercing

The frenum piercing is another popular type of male piercing, second only to
the PA. As seen clearly in the photo on the left, a frenum piercing is done on
the under side of the glans, through the frenum.

Some men will prefer a frenum piercing since, unlike a PA, it does not
penetrate the urethra allowing any urine to exit like the PA. Sitting down to urinate will not be required with this piercing.

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Healing time for a frenum piercing will take from two to six weeks. An ample healing period for both of these two chastity piercings should be allowed before
installing the chastity device.

It is not uncommon for the male to get hard during the measuring and marking part of the piercing procedure. This will be especially true if the piercing is performed by a female practitioner.

To achieve maximum humiliation and embarrassment for the man, his female
should plan to attend the piercing and specifically request a female practitioner. SHE should make it crystal clear to the piercer that the procedure is
being done strictly for a male chastity device.

Two Other Types of Male Genital Piercings

ampallang piercing

Besides the PA and frenum piercings, there are two less common types of male
genital piercings, the ampallang and the apadravya.

An ampallang runs horizontally through the center of the glans and can
be positioned to pierce the center of the urethra.

apadravya piercing

The apadravya piercing is done vertically through the glans. It
is essentially two PA piercings, a conventional one at the bottom and an additional piercing from the top.

Both are advanced type of piercings requiring a well qualified piercer. They will require from two to six months to heal, sometimes longer.

Neither of these piercings should be entered into lightly. Piercing directly through the center of the glans can be quite painful, much more so than a PA or frenum piercing.

For most male chastity piercings, either a Prince Albert or frenum piercing will be the perfect choice to keep him securely locked up. All unauthorized and
unsupervised orgasms become a thing of the past.

His pent-up and stifled sexual energy can now be funneled and focused on precisely where it should be; on making HER life more pleasant and enjoyable.

If you’re ready for a male chastity device, you can find one
right here.