My Journey Into The World Of Male Chastity

Long Term Male Chastity
I know this almost sounds impossible, but I was unaware of male chastity devices such as plastic, silicon and stainless steel cages.

My wife and I have been married for over 20 years, and we have experimented with toys for her and have watched some pretty erotic movies together. But have never seen a cock cage.

This summer I have been enjoying myself alone, WAY too much. I started feeling convicted about it. I downloaded a shopping app, and although it is not an “adult” shopping app, it “suggested” some adult toys I may be interested in. There were dildos and vibrators for her, but this site, for the first time that I recall showed me cock cages!

Once I realized what they were, my interest and curiosity meter pegged out! Hmm! Would she enjoy this? I know that I already am! I thought about it some more, thinking about how selfish I have been jerking off alone, which was fueled by how uninterested in sex she’s been lately, so uninterested in fact, that I have been frustrated enough to start dreaming and fantasizing about hooking up with someone else! (Which came first? My jerking off, causing her disinterest? Or her disinterest causing me to jerk off too much? We have always given each other permission to masturbate, but this was out of control for me!)

I mustered up the courage to show her a picture of a cage, and asked her what she thought. She said, “that’s bondage, and I have NO DESIRE to control you like that.”

I told her that I understand that, but we don’t have to go to the point of humiliation, and degradation. This can be done in a manner that we are both comfortable with and go from there. I told her that I do WANT her to have control over me like that. I want her to know that I am hers.. ALL hers, especially sexually! (That could help get sex back in the forefront of life for her, right?)

With all we have been through in life, things that would have destroyed other marriages, but those things didn’t destroy ours.

I was ashamed that I was even remotely entertaining the thought of leaving her! But sadly, AND embarassingly, I was. I want to enjoy sex again! With someone enjoying it too, not just “doing her duty” and fulfilling her “marital obligations”…

She still doesn’t know that I was considering leaving and finding someone else. All she knows, is that I mentioned the idea of male chastity a little less than a month ago, which was the same day I ordered the stainless steel cock cage.

There was no further conversation after that day when I asked her what she thought. That is, until the package came in the mail two days ago!

The day it came in the mail, I waited until she came into the bedroom before going to work to let her know it had arrived.

She came in to say “good bye, see ya after work”. I asked her to shut the door. After she did, I told her, “It’s time for you to take control.”

She said, “You bought one, didn’t you?”
There was mix of fear and curiosity in her voice. So I knew I had pushed the envelope, but not to the breaking point!?

I told her, “I am yours, and yours alone! I want you to know and approve of when and how often I even masturbate, and I want you to take the lead in our sexual life.”

We only have a couple of years or so, until our youngest is out of the house and we are empty nesters. We have needed to start communicating better, and we need to redevelop “us” again, before it is too late and we do fully and completely lose “us”, waking up with no kids in the house anymore and staring at the rest of our lives not knowing each other and wondering “who is that stranger” in my house now, and especially my BEDROOM and BED?

She shied away initially. “How does it work? How do I get it on you?” she asked.

I unlocked it, took it apart and handed her the ring. She reached down, started to put it on, and instantly my cock was hard and being very uncooperative. She giggled, pulled back saying, “this is going to hurt, isn’t it?”

I took a couple of deep breaths, and relaxed as she told me to think about how unsexy some of the errands I needed to do while she was at work were. WOW. Did THAT work!!

It eventually went on, and has been on now for almost 48 hours. I went to work with it on, that first night. I learned very quickly that if I need to pee, I need to go right away. If I don’t, there is no squeezing it as I walk to the bathroom. The hard unforgiving steel cage not only makes masturbation IMPOSSIBLE, but that too!!!

The weight of the cock cage is enough to ABSOLUTELY and CONSTANTLY remind me that it is there, and as long as that cage is on, that cock is HERS! She has BOTH of the keys hidden, and the cage is too tight to slip the balls out and remove the cage!

But, despite the weight, and constant presence of the cage, it is very comfortable… most of the time.

My cock is constantly in a state of flux. When he is trying to burst out of the cage, the cock ring pulls my balls away from my body as the tip of my cock presses out on the end of the cage. This is the most unexplainably torturous yet erotic and pleasant experience! I know, he is begging for my attention, but I can’t stroke him and relieve the tension. I have to just take it like a man and allow her desire to not unlock me, control my primal urges that have been so free and unrestricted for over thirty years since I was only in junior high and “discovered” that new toy in my pants, that new toy which felt SO GOOD, to play with.

I am constantly, throughout the day and night for the last 48 hours feeling the restrictive sensations of those steel bands constraining my cock and reminding me that I can’t take matters into my own hands. I am constantly finding my cock dripping with pre-cum inside the steel cage. This whole experience is messing with my mind!! It is constantly asking me, “Why did you do this to yourself? Are you crazy? Why would you give her this kind of power over you?”

Last night, she got home from work, I was already in bed. That is, in bed, but EAGERLY anticipating her arrival, with the hope that she’d at least unlock me. She crawled into bed, asked me how things were going down there, and I told her that it was torturously erotic and messing with my head.

She then rolled over as she said, “That’s good. But he’s NOT getting out yet. I am tired and need sleep, and you WILL wait another day. Like it or not!”

When we woke up this morning, I was sprawled our on the bed leaving my caged cock on FULL display for her to see as she got dressed right in front of me.

She came over flicked it around a couple of times and said, “Wait until tonight! I have decided I might take it off before you go to work. You may have earned some “work release” time, but it WILL go back on right away in the morning, when you get back home from work!”

I told her I would take it off for work, only under one condition… Taking it off before I leave, and putting it back on in the morning is done playful manner, a simple “on and off” should never be acceptable to either of us!

She smiled and said, “okay, deal!!!”

She may not want to admit it yet, but I think she’s at least beginning to like the idea!

I hope so, and I hope this rekindles the sex life in our marriage above and beyond not only what we have had and enjoyed, but beyond our wildest imaginations even! Even to the point where she continues to develop her skills and desires in such a way that she will be my domme one day! Oh… to not only reaffirm that level of love after all these years, but to demonstrate that level of trust, in each other, in such a way that neither of us have ever talked with each other about!