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Preparing Him for Permanent Male Chastity

permanent male chastity

Let’s face it, locking him up forever is one damn erotic
sexual fantasy…. for both him and her. But for most couples, permanent male chastity remains just that, a far-fetched fantasy.

However, times are a changin’ and as male chastity becomes more popular, some couples are turning to permanent male chastity to not only enhance but to
actually resurrect and sometimes even save their relationship.

Permanent male chastity is certainly not for every couple and is a decision that should never be taken lightly. After all, it’s permanent!

Preparing him for permanent male chastity is a process. It’s something that needs to be thoroughly discussed and planned out in order for it to work out.

The first step, once you have a well-fitting and reasonably comfortable chastity device locked in place, is to have him go 30 days of continuous chastity;
absolutely no removal of the chastity device and obviously, no orgasms.

The next milestone is to have him get a Prince Albert or PA piercing that will work with his current chastity cage. This would also be the perfect time to get a new chastity device, one that is suitable for very long term wear.

After his piercing is completely healed, it is now time to stretch his time in chastity out to 60 days. If he can physically and emotionally handle two straight months of
continuous chastity wear coupled with orgasm denial, he is ready to be locked up into permanent male chastity.

Some women will allow him 1 (one) orgasm per year, preferably on the anniversary of his permanent lock up, but always performed in a humiliating fashion.

Once he agrees to this, his surrender and devotion to you becomes complete. You now have your very own chastity slave.

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With this control comes a power rush that is extremely erotic, from both his and her perspective.

He will always be horny, frustrated and ready to please, in any way that you want.

His libido can be kept at a high level by implementing intense weekly teasing sessions, with the chastity device always securely locked and in place of course.

male dildo harness

You will want to start a collection of strap-on dildos for when you desire penetrative sex. Many women find that they actually prefer a nice sized,
vibrating dildo over the ‘real’ thing.

Nothing is more erotic than to be fucked good and hard, for as long as you want, all the while knowing that he will never be achieving a release. His frustration level, and your state of arousal, will both be at a 12 (on a scale of 1-10).

Experiencing this inequitable power dynamic will soon have you reaching ‘earthquake level’ types of orgasms.

As far as his prostrate health goes, his body will naturally produce a spontaneous discharge, usually in the form of a wet dream, every 60 to 90 days. There will be no need for you to perform any messy and time consuming milkings.

Permanent male chastity has been known to save an otherwise ‘hopeless’ relationship. It can effectively replace a disdainful and disrespectful attitude on his part with one of adoration and appreciation.

Of course an adequate chastity device is an absolute requirement as a firm foundation for permanent chastity.

Why is the CB 6000 the Most Popular Male Chastity Device?

cb 6000

When the CB 2000 was first first introduced back in
the year that bears it’s name, the approach to male chastity devices would never
again be the same. No longer was it necessary to order an extremely expensive, custom sized, chastity belt from Europe.

The unsanitary and insecure chastity devices made from leather were now seen
as the joke that they were. The same could be said for the the ill-fitting and
very uncomfortable metal cages that were then on the market.

The CB 2K changed everything!

The ‘Curve’ was added to the CB line of male chastity devices soon followed
by the CB 3000, which will probably go down in chastity cage lore as the most popular
chastity device its time.

But when times change, ideas evolve and improvements are made, what you get
is the ultimate (or pretty damn close to it) male chastity device.

The CB6000

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The CB 6000 is the rewarding result of 12 years of evolution from the simple
yet effective concepts of it’s predecessors.

The CB6000 currently holds the title of the most popular and best selling male chastity
device in the world.

And there are several good reasons as to why this is true.

  • It’s comfortable! And almost as lightweight as a feather. After
    experimenting a bit with the different sized rings and spacers provided, it’s
    possible to achieve a snug but satisfying fit that is conducive to long term,
    enjoyable but erotic, wear.
  • It’s durable! The CB6000 is made from medical grade
    polycarbonate material which will prevent it from breaking. That cannot be
    said for the cheap ‘knock-off’ male chastity devices found on Amazon. If you have any durability
    issues, the CB-6000 comes with a 1 year warranty from the manufacturer.
  • It’s affordable! While 160 bucks is not necessarily cheap, it is affordable for
    most anyone who seriously wants to get involved in the male chastity
    lifestyle. It’s easy to spend hundreds of dollars on a custom made metal device or
    belt. There are some great ‘high end’ products on the market but the CB 6000
    is a practical place to start and could be the last chastity cage that you
    ever buy.
  • It’s secure! Although there are isolated reports that this male
    chastity device can be defeated, from my experience, a properly fitted CB6000
    will NOT be coming off until unlocked by the female keyholder. It can
    also be used in conjunction with a
    PA piercing for absolute, 100% security.
  • It’s hygienic! No smells or odors will be emanating from this
    well vented, medical grade polycarbonate male chastity device. It has a slit on the bottom for
    urination and virtually cleans itself while in the shower.

You can’t go wrong with a CB 6000!

With it’s evolutionary roots going back more than a decade, the CB 6000 is a
tried and true, real-life-tested, male chastity device that won’t break the budget.

There is nothing quite as emotionally erotic as the power dynamics that are
associated with male chastity. If you want to drive yourself and your lover
crazy with lust, love and romance, then you will want to get a male chastity device.

The CB6000 is pretty much the BEST choice you can make. Look through our store for grest choices

Is Using a Male Chastity Device Necessary?

male chastity device

One of the first questions many couples have when making the decision to implement male chastity to enhance their relationship is whether to use a male chastity device.

Male chastity obviously involves controlling the male orgasm, so a male chastity
device is the perfect tool to help accomplish this daunting task.

There are some exceptional men who are capable of being denied without any
help, so to speak. These rare males are honorable and
trustworthy to a fault and make up a very small percentage of men in general and chastised men
in particular.

Think about it for a minute, both of the words ‘honorable’ and
are an oxymoron when describing a hard dick. In the real world,
most men don’t choose to exercise much self control, if any, when it comes to sex.

If a woman wants complete control of the male orgasm, then placing him in
some type of chastity device is probably going to be a necessity.

But there’s much more to a male chastity device than simply being an effective way
to prevent unauthorized orgasms.

There are more than just a few intoxicating
mind games going on behind the
scenes for both the male and female alike.

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For him….

  • Hearing the symbolic click of the lock as she snaps it shut
  • Seeing the key to his cage nestled between her breasts
  • Not being able to touch his cock
  • Having to sit down to go pee
  • Physical proof that he no longer cums when he wants
  • Facing the likelihood of donning a strap-on dildo in order to quench her
    thirst for penetrative sex, which he obviously is not able to provide her

For her….

  • The exquisite power trip that comes with being a ‘keyholder’
  • The erotic look of the chastity device itself
  • His willingness to endure some minor discomfort, just for her
  • A valid reason for him to get a PA piercing (by a female, of course)
  • No more worries of him masturbating behind her back
  • Intense tease and denial sessions without any ‘accidents’ occurring

The real benefits of a male chastity lifestyle comes when both
partners are fully committed to the orgasm denial process.

chastity device

A male chastity device insures that everything will be taken to an authentic
and authoritative level. It’s physical proof to both partners that he is going to be denied for as long
as they have both previously agreed upon.

If the male chooses to consent beforehand that his confinement will be at his keyholder’s discretion, then he
knows that by wearing a chastity device, he won’t be cumming until she says, whenever that happens to be.

It’s difficult to accomplish this level of control without a male chastity device firmly locked in place, with only the
woman having access to the key.

It’s not very likely for the female to garner unconditional control over her male’s orgasm, and reap the many rewards that
come along with that control, without placing him in a male chastity device.

Chastity devices are very popular and getting more so everyday and nothing will
spice up your sex life faster than male chastity. You can find a really nice one
right here.

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