Have You Got What It Takes To Satisfy a Dominant Woman?

Have You Got What It Takes To Satisfy a Dominant Woman?

If you find it hard to please a ‘normal’ woman in bed (not to mention outside of the bedroom) then you will find it even more difficult trying to please a Dominant Woman.

It takes a lot to satisfy Her. One way she might want to be satisfied is through oral sex. She may make an effort to postpone her orgasms if it gives Her a feeling of satisfaction to have that power over you

Postponing may also make Her feel more served and catered to. To know that he is suffering may be a sexual turn on for Her. It will help considerably if you like to please Her. If you do, then you should let Her know that you feel this way.

Sex is always more enjoyable if there is a “give and take” situation going on but if you “get” from seeing her pleased, then it won’t just be Her that is “getting”. Both of you can feel fulfilled when you are servicing Her through oral sex or through another form of stimulation.

You have to accept that it will take some time to get used to what she likes and to know what she likes and doesn’t like.

Try to be patient and don’t complain if you get confused. Practice saying more simpler statements like, “Oh, ok.”, “Alright.”, and “Yes.” instead of arguing, defending yourself, supplying excuses, and pointing blame.

One way to satisfy a demanding Woman is through the use of more than one man. This may be hard for a man to accept but men have been doing it since the dawn of time and Women have had to accept that on the odd occasion.

So face it, if you being only one man is not enough to please Her then swallow your pride, step aside, and allow Her to be pleased. Two heads are better than one! (So to speak). you never know, you might enjoy watching.

Every man has a voyeur inside of him. Experimental: Sure, perhaps She would want to play Amazon Queen one night but that is not the only thing I am referring to.

Here are a few things that might just make her willing to try!

She may even want to try wearing a strap-on and it may not necessarily be for aesthetic purposes!

 Tying you up and torturing you in any way She can think of such as tickling, grabbing, squeezing, slapping, etc. Smothering you as She “rides” on top – you will have to have some form of trust in Her that She will let you breathe in time before you pass out.

Or you can just want to pray that She reaches orgasm in time. “Smother boy” time!

Burning your p*nis. (Ouch! I bet you just grabbed yourself now, didn’t you?.)

Candle wax. (Need I say more?) -One night may make history. This might be the night She chooses to pierce, tattoo, or brand you!

  • Pony ride. She may dress up like a cowgirl and want to ride Her pony around the bedroom as She kicks it’s sides with Her spurs and while yelling, “Yee-hah!”
  • Riding your face (if you know what I mean). She may even want to call Herself “Face Rider”! -Beating you with a either a crop, whip, or paddle as you perform oral on Her (Or as you have intercourse with Her. you would have to be on top).
  • Trampling. A new meaning to the phrase that “She walks all over you”. Now when you tell your friends that phrase you can really mean it. Those were just a few examples. She may come up with things to try that you haven’t even heard of or imagined!     

Wrestling may well be an interest of Hers but She can also be aggressive in other ways. you will need to practice some form of control. For example, if She slaps you it is NOT appropriate for you to hit Her back! Below are a few examples of ways She may be aggressive to you.

  • Wrestling. (Yes, She must always win.) -Playful punches and smacks to remind you of your place when you mouth off to Her. (She may do this in a vanilla setting when it would not be convenient or appropriate for Her to bring out the whip).
  • Teasing and tormenting nipple squeezes to remind you of your place. (Personally I love “The Three T’s”). (” The Three T’s: Tease, Torture, and Torment.” Copyright (c) Goddess Design Enterprises 1999. All Rights Reserved.) -Consential rape. (Most likely your favorite).
  • Trampling. Those were only a few ways in which She might demonstrate aggression towards you. She may even swear and yell at you or boss you around more than other Women would.

The main thing is to remember your place. Giving in may open up more doors for you than if you struggle and put up a fight.

Resisting against Her dominant nature may create a much bigger problem than if you submit willingly. So there you have it. 

 A Dominant, demanding, aggressive Wife who is willing to experiment in bed with you. This is what you have been fantasizing about most of your life.

Don’t screw it up by being selfish and asking for things for yourself or by telling Her what to do or by manipulating Her. If you are patient and just do as She tells you to then you will learn a lot from Her and you will experience many wonderful times with Her.