A story Of Chastity Revenge

Chastity Revenge

The land is at peace and the strong men of war have healed their battle wounds and have become restless in the local taverns and whore houses.

As such, an uprising of strong high class women formed to take control of the heathen; using their status to force them, by way of chastising their cocks, placing them into servitude in their castles and palaces.

The worst of all is referred only to as The Slave. A hero of war, he has seen more bloodshed than entire armies of men combined… He was the hardest to tame, and the last to fall but strangely, it was not by brute force, or commands of nobility that the warrior was conquered, but rather the soft friendly words of a Mistress Jade, whom sort his guidance and wisdom, thus tempting his mind back to intelligent thought long enough to trap him in his chastise prison.

A treacherous act that is not so easily forgotten… The room is dark; the Slave can hear the sound of silence interrupted by heals walking on a cold stone floor, instantly his cock comes alive.

He feels the strain against his chastity surrounding his cock and balls. 1 year 4 months 6 days and countless hours of darkness he has been bound by his Mistress Jade, he has become subservient but is not broken. Used only for her oral pleasure when she sees fit.

He is frustrated, but strong… before being tamed by the gorgeous Mistress Jane he was a man of strong character and striking good looks, but his passion got the better of him after his bloody battles and had been known to cause utter chaos amongst towns folks, particularly with the newly wed women for whom he had an over bearing passion for.

After the initial beating and taming by our Mistress, an understanding was reached, whereby the Mistress would keep The Slave in her private home, and he would service her exclusively, as she had a hold on him from the kindness previously displayed.

Once he had stopped fighting and surrendered to her will he was almost pleasant in character and capable of more then what he had been known for in the way of human affection. Mistress Jane; “You know this is the only way we can be close slave, your mind is lost if not controlled by your Mistress” The Slave glances at his Mistress with a look of frustrated acceptance.

Whilst other men had become docile house servants and workmen; Mistress Jade had seen a passion in the Slaves eyes throughout his submission, which is why he had been chosen as her “personal” Slave. The sound of heels stops.

The slave hears the lock turn in the door and light floods the room. As his eyes focus he sees his gorgeous devout Mistress stood wearing nothing but a long white coat that covers her from neck to toe. As the door closes behind she reveals her bare naked body and walks towards the slave to release him from the enclosure where he remains.

She immediately turns her back on him and walks towards the bed, her skin softly glowing in the day light. She is brave. No one has before made such a bold move in front of him without regret for their actions. But he trusts her. And she him.

She presents herself spread across the silk sheets. The slave stops at the foot of the bed, and looks towards his Mistress for her permission to regain some control. She gestures that he proceed… his response to which is a spark in his eyes and a twitch of his cage.

His hands slowly start to work their way all over her body, taking time to softly touch each and every delicate part of her skin…. This is different she thought, so tender… has he really become submissive? He continues to kiss her from the tip of her toes all the way up her left side, each little touch makes her tingle with anticipation.

He stops briefly at her hips his eyes focus between her legs for a second or two but he continues all the way up to her breasts softly teasing her nipples with his tongue and then moves up further to her collar bone… her neck… her ear lobe; before he finally kisses her with all the passions of a hundred men.

Her body is electrified… his tenderness is far removed from the intense tongue teasing and face riding that she had grown so accustomed. With shock and excitement she gasps and his hand slides up between her legs stopping millimetres before her now glistening pussy.

He moves to the right ear lobe, her neck, her collarbone… nipples, hips. And then suddenly she feels his tongue on her clit. But only for a second. To which she is shocked by his reserve… Still wondering what has happened to her previously ferocious Slave she is once a distracted by his wondering hands which are softly caressing her naked flesh with the lightest of touch.

Whilst his mouth, with every intimate detail considered, starts to kiss her stomach, and inner thighs and purposefully avoiding her clit. Her thought process’ lost , her mind is racing on what happens next, begging and hoping for him to hit the right spot.

Suddenly he grabs her hips and lifts her towards his tongue. Finally…. an overwhelming surge of further arousal strikes as his tongue works relentlessly on her clit are her body wreaths with pleasure his eyes remain fixed on her movements, carefully he watches as each move of his tongue makes her grab the sheets and moan with delight.

As surprisingly slides in two fingers to her soaking wet pussy his tongue moves faster and faster as he is working her helpless pussy towards orgasm. Her breathing becomes faster, and shorter, and faster and shorter her body starts to raise up towards the sweet sensation of…. And he stops. Immediately her eyes lock on his as he restrains himself.

Before she can scream at him he goes straight back to her clit but the moment has subsided and she is again being worked up to her orgasm. The process thrice repeated and stopped at the very edge of orgasm each time has put a crazy look in her eyes…

He is smiling on the inside – because he knows what is coming…. Finally as her back arches at the touch of her tongue, he grabs the small of her back and thrusts her pussy into is face whilst simultaneously fucking her pussy and ass hole with his other hand.

All points now vigorously stimulated and being held strong he takes her over the edge, her hips thrust to the sky and her legs clamp on his face, but he still holds he steady as she screams relentlessly over and over, he does not stop working her clit against her will until her body gives up its convulsion and she melts into her post orgasmic bliss…

She is beside herself, and has lost all sense of self. The slave slowly moves away, unbeknown to her he has removed the key to his chastity from her bracelet and has proceeded to escape from his confides. She is startled back to reality and she feels he engorged cock slide deep into her pussy which remains in spasm from the experience.

His hands hold hers as he purposefully fucks her with every inch of his now solid cock. He is firm, but not rough, she is confused but excited. And so it continues…. She cannot fight him; she has no choice but to succumb to the overwhelming excitement of feeling him in inside her after so long.

He sees her acceptance and he looks at her with intent he rolls over in gratitude of her submission and takes his hand to the base of his cock, and presents it too her if it were the throne in her chambers. Without hesitation she straddles his glorious cock as they continue to she now dominant sits up and rides him for her pleasure, hot his… her hands on his chest, nails pushed hard into his skin she is once again heading for orgasm.

But, in a single over powering movement he reaches behind her head and grabs a fist full of her long dark hair and pulls her towards him. She is once again at his will… He pulls her hair tight in his fist and with hand round her throat he holds her down whilst his powerful hips drive his cock deeper and deeper into her pussy… She’s likes it.

She does not fight him, she is submissive now and with every thrust of his cock she moves closer and closer to orgasm… he can feel her pussy throbbing with excitement for the orgasm a head. Her hair released, his hand moves swiftly to her ass he smacks her with intent before pulling her harder onto his dick…. With her eye rolling from the asphyxiation her throat is released as she gasps for air.. no sooner has she filled her lungs she feels his fingers thrust in her mouth.

She can taste herself now…. And she is bound entirely to his desires… his cock pounding relentlessly as her soaking wet pussy he feels her starting to convulse….. her body spasms into another vicious orgasm sending him over the edge with an almighty, roar of release he pulls her hips into his as he explodes his incredibly full load deep into her well fucked hole.

They both collapse with delight… and after a moments rest they turn to each other… and simple smile.