Making My Hubby A LIttle Cuck Bitch

Making My Hubby A LIttle Cuck Bitch  Chastity Stories

When I met my husband he already owned a nice house and earned a decent income – just the sort of man I was looking for who could give me a good standard of living and an easy life.

I’ve always been a horny bitch and a complete slut, particularly with big cocked black men, and had no intention of giving up that side of my life!

So whilst my future husband was courting me I carried on with my nymphomaniac life behind his back, but I gave him the best sex he’d ever had and he was soon completely smitten.

When I hinted at marriage after 3 months he jumped at the chance, so in no time I was ensconced in his lovely home and spending his hard earned cash for fun!

Very soon after moving in with him I started to reduce the amount of sex we had whilst still having affairs behind his back. He was so frustrated and horny all the time but that just made me want to extend the intervals between the times that I let him fuck me!

The more I denied him sex the more he went out of his way to please me. I suppose he knew deep down that I was too good for him and that I’d leave him if he made too much fuss about his lack of sex.

I gave up work after we married and my days usually consisted of a trip to the gym followed by a “massage” with one of the black studs there, then out for lunch with my girlfriends followed by a fantastic session with one of my lovers, usually in my own bed.

I refuse to use condoms as I love the feeling of a powerful cock pumping me full of cum.

I always dress like a complete slut – skimpy tops, tiny G strings, short skirts and high heels. Sometimes I wear hold up stockings as well, depending which particular stud or (studs) are going to be pounding their cocks into me that day.

Hubby’s life revolved entirely around me so he never objected when I went out in the evening, frequently staying out all night and then coming home sometime the next day with an excuse about sleeping at one of my girlfriends houses. Before I left I always gave him a list of chores to do while I was out enjoying myself and spending his money. Pathetic wimp!

If I was at home when hubby got in from work I used to let him lick my feet while I watched black man/white woman porn films.

I also allowed him to go down on me for hours, something which he loved doing. He got the privilege of rubbing baby oil into every bit of my body, but of course that just made him even more horny and frustrated.

I would lie there taunting him about how much I enjoy it when all the black muscle men at the gym want to help me with my workout, remind him that I wear very little when I’m there so they can see I’ve got plenty to offer and they take any excuse to touch me – something which I encourage with plenty of flirting!

Then I’d tell him how big their cocks look through their tight shorts, how horny I get when I’m near them and how he’s a wimp in comparison.

Obviously he didn’t know that dozens of them had already had me numerous times, so he believed he was hearing the build up to me eventually fucking one of them. I loved making him tell me how long it is since I let him have sex and then tell him that if he was a real man he could have it all the time.

“But you’re more suited to going out working so that I can have an easy life, that’s what wimpy men are for. Sex is for studs”

One evening while he was going down on me I felt the urge to pee, but couldn’t be bothered getting up off the sofa, so I told him he was going to drink it and that he’d better not let any leak out.

He fastened his lips tight onto my pussy and I emptied my bladder into his mouth. He just managed to gulp it all down without any spillage. I asked him if he enjoyed it and he nodded, so I told him he could drink all my pee from now on if he wanted and he thanked me!

I forbade him to masturbate so that he’d be totally focussed on my needs – obviously he wasn’t with me 24/7 so he may well have sneaked the odd wank when he was at work, but I soon figured out what to do about that!

Our local sex shop is owned and run by Karl, a well endowed black man with whom I’d spent a few afternoons in the back of his shop.

I walked in on this particular day to find that I was the only customer, so he grabbed me and kissed me hard on the lips whilst slipping his hand up my very very short skirt and playing with my clit. God he was one fucking horny bastard!

In no time he’d locked the door and we were on the bed in the back room, with me riding his fantastic cock while he mauled my tits and squeezed my ass. After giving me a couple of wonderful orgasms he started to cum and emptied his bollocks deep inside me – god he is one magnificent fuck!!

As we lay there afterwards I told him that I wanted a cock cage with a lock so that I could stop hubby wanking altogether, unless I unlocked him – which I had no intention of doing.

I also told him how turned I get at the thought of my caged up hubby grovelling at Karl’s feet then gagging on his cock while he groped me to his hearts content. This soon got him going again so he pushed my head down onto his cock and I willingly devoured it, licking and sucking his cock and balls for ages until he eventually grabbed my head tightly and once more emptied his bollocks into me – it felt like I was swallowing a gallon of cum and I fuckin loved it!

We went back through to the shop where I chose the most expensive cock cage he had. It had a control box that could receive text commands from a mobile phone which would then send an electric shock into his cock and balls.

It was variable as well, depending on the number you texted to it! I tested it and the middle setting really stung my hand so I could only imagine how much pain it could inflict on hubby’s sensitive bits!

The only problem was that it needed a newly charged battery fitting every week, but I figured I could make sure I was around to do that.

Karl offered to let me have it for nothing, but I explained that I wanted to pay for it on hubby’s credit card – It gave me a buzz signing away ¬£800 of hubby’s hard earned cash to the man who’d been fucking me for the last hour, especially when it was to pay for his own cock cage!

My next stop was an expensive jewellers shop where I bought myself a gold ankle chain for ¬£500, again on hubby’s card.

I went back home and when hubby got in from work I was laid on the sofa naked watching another black man/white woman porn film.

I told him to strip and go down on me, which he eagerly did – unknowingly cleaning all that lovely cum out of me. While he was down there I explained that I’d got a present for him that would make sure he didn’t wank without my permission.

He objected but I told him that if he didn’t go along with it I wouldn’t let him lick my pussy or my feet, so obviously he reluctantly accepted. I sent him off to get a bag of peas from the freezer and ordered him to press it against his cock and balls. Sure enough his little hard cock soon became a very little soft cock. I fitted the cage, snapped the lock shut and then gave him the gold chain. I told him to clip the key onto the chain and then fit it round my ankle. Symbolic and very very sexy!!

I then told him he could lick my feet as a reward, which he duly did. While he was down there I explained that he must never ask for release and that I would decide when to let him out.

If he ever asked, or even hinted, that he wanted to cum, I’d extend his chastity time. Little did he know that he was never getting out of it anyway –

Very soon he’d be watching other men emptying their balls into his wife then sucking their cocks clean, while he wasn’t even allowed to wank, ever – I’m such a bitch and I love it!!

One of my studs told me about anal orgasms, but he said not many people could achieve them because they required hours of stimulation with a cock, tongue or dildo.

Obviously this appealed to me so I started having my caged hubby lick my ass for hours on end, into the early hours of the morning, even though he had to be up early for work.

This wasn’t a problem for me because I could just lie in bed all day if I felt like it while he was out working long hours earning the cash that I frittered on sexy clothes, long lunches, nights out etc.

Sure enough the anal orgasms were fantastic and I soon had him tonguing deep into my ass night after night. He couldn’t resist because he was totally obsessed with me.

He usually finished me off about 3am so then I began “allowing” him to go downstairs and spend the rest of the night kneeling naked on the kitchen floor licking a pair of my slutty stiletto shoes until 7am, then he had to go straight off to work with no sleep at all. To top it all he actually thanked me for the privelige!

I had an agenda with all this – I wanted to wear him out so that he’d accept anything I wanted and eventually become a full time cuckold slave to me and my lovers.

It really turned me on to think of him grovelling at the feet of one of my well hung black studs then begging to suck his cock, while he kissed and fondled every bit of me. Hmmmmmm! I’m getting wet just writing this – time to ring one of my lovers I think!