My Buddy Is Also Locked In Chastity

It was an ordinary Friday. I clocked out and headed home for a long week-end. My wife was going out of town and I had plans to hang with a couple of my buds.

Fishing, golf, softball, you know the guy stuff. She had read stories of how chastity strengthens a marriage. I listened to her a few weeks ago. Well, I didn’t listen well enough. When I got home she showed me my “Holy Trainer.”

I have to admit at first it sounded like a lot of fun. A matter of fact, that night was some of the hottest sex we ever had. BUT then it went on. She even had an anti pull out device put on it.

male chastity story

I didn’t sleep at all Friday. All I could feel was, well you know! Saturday before she left I pleaded that she leave the key or just let me out. No was firm. No problem right?¬† Fishing was really no issue.

Although all I could think was I hope these guys don’t see a bulge or find out in any way. They would never let me live it down. Golf was next with only the discomfort of those stupid rubber anti pull-outs! Softball!!!! Luckily it fits pretty well in my cup. Again minor discomfort.

My life long friend and myself went out to dine that evening. His wife was with mine.

I noticed him make a face when he sat down. I wonder if we both were enduring the same torture? So with out thinking I said “Holy Trainer” out loud! His eyes got big and he asked “you too?” Yes my friend was my response.

We talked about them for an hour or so. He was a week further in. My wife got the idea from his! I wonder who else? That week-end was the longest ever. When my wife got home she released me and we again made the hottest sex ever! Afterwards I was locked back in.