What’s The Right Male Chastity Device For You?:

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There are more male chastity devices on the market than any one person could ever hope to use in a single lifetime. They come in all shapes and sizes and there’s always something for everyone.

Men can get locked up and kept chaste for as long as they’re required and no one will be able to get them out.

There are devices that come with timers and devices that are meant to constantly remind the man he’s submissive and always at the will of someone else. Anyone can find a device that’s right for them and will always keep the chaste, chaste.

Cages are always the go to toy

The first chastity device that anyone comes across in their research is going to be the cage. It’s a tried and true method of keeping someone locked up and completely unable to access his penis. They come in multiple sizes, as well as one-size-fits-all option.

The better options will be made out of metal so they can’t be broken. They’ll all come with locks so it’s the key bearer making the decisions on when it comes off and no one else. It’s best to find a cage that fits properly to keep the seal tight at all times.

Chastity belts are fun throwbacks

For the dominant with a love for retro, there are plenty of chastity belts on the market. They work under the same principles as the cages, but they come with their own belts.

You never have to worry about them slipping off. These belts have a cage at the front to keep the penis safely locked away.

If you want to really kick it up a notch, there are belts that come with butt plugs or large dildos at the other end. It lets the submissive know he’s never going to be a real man.

Spiked ball weights bring the pain

If obedience is kept through pain, then you can’t get much more painful than a spiked ball weight. These are rings that lock right around the testicles.

They weigh them down for a constant stream of pain to the wearer. It makes it next to impossible for him to achieve an erection. If he still manages to, though, that’s when the spikes come in.

They’ll jab right into the penis and make it deflate immediately, unless he wants to really have something to make him cry.

Pin prick sacks get medieval

There’s still a whole lot of pain to be felt out there, though. Ramping it up would mean getting a pin prick sack. These are leather pouches that can be wrapped around the penis and locked tight.

What’s great about them is that they’re filled with hundreds of tiny pins. If the threat of pain isn’t enough, then the real pain will get the point across. As soon as the penis begins to enlarge, it gets covered in the pins.

He’ll be begging you to do everything you can to keep him from getting turned on after that.

Chastity shorts

Of course, not everything needs to be so intense or involved. It’s possible to just play around with chastity for the uninitiated.

That’s where chastity shorts come in. These are just leather shorts with a lock and no fly. They keep everything safely locked up for as long as you want. The only drawback is that they have to be unlocked every time he needs to use the bathroom.

Of course, that can just be another layer on top of your usual chastity play if you want to take things to the next level.

The Twisted Penis is twisted

If there’s one device that both delivers pain and makes it completely impossible to achieve an erection, it’s the twisted penis.

This device is two rings side by side. The penis goes in one end, then gets bent down through the other end. It’s still possible to urinate, but getting hard will never happen.

It’s impossible for an erection with this extreme toy. It’s the best way to keep him in line if you’re going to be around him all day long. There’s no real way to lock it in place in its current form.

Timed locks

For the traveling dom who likes to keep her submissive on a schedule, there are timed locks. These will connect to any device that can take a padlock. They can be set right on the lock and hold a charge for a very long time.

You can set them to unlock and give him free access to his penis at any interval that you want. Just keep in mind that you’ll have to trust him to put it back on once it opens up. He’ll have free reign to take off his device whenever the lock opens up for him.

Wi-Fi safes

If you want total control over when your submissive gets unlocked, then you can simply keep his key in a safe. They can be controlled remotely with an app or through Wi-Fi.

You get to open up the safe whenever you want and let him take the key to unlock himself. It’s the best way to reward him for being good when you’re not around.

When you want him locked back up, just have him deposit the key and you can set the safe to close up and keep it away from him for as long as you want.

Try anything you like

The best thing about chastity devices is that you never have to stop at just one. You can have as many of them as you want. You can have multiple devices for a single purpose, or different devices to do different things.

It’s extremely easy to play around with them and find out which ones you like the best. You’ll never be locked into one device or another. It’s always his job to be locked away like that. You can exert total control with technology, pain, or force. It’s always up to you.