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Turning Him into a Male Chastity Slave

Deciding on where a male chastity lifestyle will eventually lead to is a
question that couples should talk about before actually locking him up.

More often than not, male chastity fits in perfectly with a D/s, Femdom or a
FLR (Female Led Relationship). Orgasm denial, in conjunction with a
chastity device, is just a natural extension of a Femdom relationship.

But not always. There are vanilla couples who embrace male chastity without
ever getting involved with any other D/s activities. They happen to be the exceptions

For many kinky couples, locking the male up while denying him orgasms is just
an occasional fantasy game to be played and they are perfectly happy to keep it that way.

On the other end of the spectrum, there are females who keep their
husbands or boyfriends locked up 24/7, practice long term orgasm denial along
with other Femdom activities such as whippings, verbal and public humiliation,
feminization, frequent

tease and denial
sessions and, if she so desires, even cuckolding.

Sometimes things progress to the point where she eventually turns him into a
permanent male chastity slave, with his concerned consent of course.

In reality, most couples never take things quite this far. Once he agrees to become
her full time chastity slave, a big, bold line is drawn; if he decides to step
over that line into slave territory, it’s difficult for him to ever go back.

chastity slave in a cage

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When this happens, the woman becomes intoxicated with the power rush that goes
along with owning her own slave that she has complete control over, including
his ability to orgasm. There are not too many females that would ever feel
compelled to relinquish this control.

At this point, a true male chastity slave has, for all intents and purposes,
abdicated his rights as a husband or boyfriend. His keyholder may now feel compelled to go
out and find a real boyfriend to meet her romantic and penetrative sexual needs.

Her chastity slave has now been relegated to mere servant status. During the
times she has a lover in her life, he will typically be cut off from
any form of sexual intimacy and will usually be forbidden any orgasms

If she decides to forgo the cuckolding route, then a male strap-on dildo,
worn over his male chastity device, becomes one of her favorite sources of pleasure.

She now keeps him around for three reasons only….

  1. He takes complete care of all the home upkeep and housework, something
    she would never consider going back to.
  2. His outside job provides her with money for clothes, shoes, lingerie, make-up and
    hair/manicure expenses which are substantial.
  3. She is addicted to the power rush she gets knowing that she has her own
    slave locked-up and denied while she can experience as much
    pleasure as she wants.

Why would a male chastity slave decide to stick around and put up with this
demeaning, humiliating not to mention frustrating lifestyle.

That’s a question that he asks himself frequently, and one that only he can answered
by a deep understanding of the powerful emotions he feels while enduring long
term orgasm denial by way of a male chastity device? You can, BTW, find a nice one
right here.

Cuckold Chastity

chastity cuckold

Once a male has adequately adapted to being locked up
in a chastity device on a more-or-less permanent basis, his female keyholder has options that were never available to her before…like introducing cuckold chastity

Achieving this position of authority in their relationship has been no easy
task for Her though!

Even though deep down he desperately wants to be locked-up in a chastity device and controlled by a strong and powerful woman, the typical male has been
brain-washed by society that he should be the one who is in control.

His well conditioned ego will rebel against a woman who has decided that it’s time for Her to take charge of things, including how, when, where and if he will be permitted an orgasm.

He will begin to beg for a release, state that this male chastity thing is not what he really wanted after all, complain of discomfort and needing more orgasms and even attempt to top-from-the-bottom.

Only a firm, consistent and tenacious stand by his keyholder will thwart these annoying but persistent rants of discontent. If he really wants to be locked up
and denied, then it will be on Her terms…. period!

This is the only way a male chastity lifestyle can really work to everyone’s satisfaction. And initially, it can take quite a bit of time and effort on her part to get him to this stage of acceptance.

But it’s all worth it because once this level of dominance has been firmly established, Her life changes forever.

While every woman is different, one of the issues that may be of concern for Her will be the lack of penetrative sex. cuckold chastity lifestyle

After all, his dick is not available anymore. Even if she occasionally
allows him out of his male chastity device to enter Her (which she probably shouldn’t), the experience of sexual intercourse will be foreign enough to completely overwhelm him causing a hair-trigger orgasm.

His sexual incompetence will be so disgustingly unsatisfactory to Her that she will eventually find it necessary to resort to a penis-gag/combination dildo
so he can fuck her orally or even a strap-on dildo for him to use while still being locked up in his chastity cage.

But what if she desires the real thing?

This is where chastity cuckolding enters the scene.

chastity cuckolding

The Cuckold Chastity Lifestyle

Although being cuckolded by a female Keyholder is a major fantasy for many
men, the truth is that most of these men can’t handle the feelings of chastity humiliation, emasculation, degradation, inadequacy and jealousy that comes with it.

But she’s making the rules now and Her needs and desires are all that really matter at this point.

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If a couple involved in a male chastity lifestyle has a relationship built on a strong foundation, inherently inequitable as it may be, chastity cuckolding
can work and can actually take them to a level of emotional intimacy unattainable in a purely vanilla partnership.

On the flip side of the coin, cuckolding a male in chastity can permanently destroy a marriage that is already on shaky ground. Pursuing a chastity cuckold
relationship should be done only after much thought and consideration involving both parties.

After the decision is made to cuckold Her already chastised male, she can now spread her wings, soar to new heights and show off her feminine power.

There is nothing quite like chastity cuckolding that will demonstrate Her dominion of dominance while at the same time, remind and reinforce his submission.

Some chastity cuckolding scenes She may enjoy playing out….

    • Requiring him to sleep on the floor next to the bed whenever HER lover
      spends the night.


    • Fucking him with a strap-on in front of HER lover while the key to his
      chastity device dangles deviously between her tits.


    • Having him greet Her lover at the door naked and on his knees.


    • Making him lay out Her sexiest dress, panties, bra and high heels while she
      is busy primping for a date.


    • Sending him out for condoms while she and Her lover make-out on the


    • Have Her boyfriend fuck him in the ass, reaffirming who’s the real man
      of the house, while she pleasures herself with a vibrator.


    • Leaving him locked-up in his chastity cage at the bar while she flirts,
      kisses and fondles other men on the dance floor.


    • Dictating a list of household chores for him to do while she is lying on
      the bed with Her lover making out and getting ready to fuck.


    • Requiring him to serve as her ‘fluffer’ in preparation to fucking Her


  • Having him dress up in full make-up, lingerie and high heels so he can sexually satisfy Her lover when she’s not in the mood for sex.

Obviously, this will be incredibly fun for Her while equally devastating and humiliating for her chastity cuckold. But then again, she’s only fulfilling his fantasies, ones
that he is now seriously questioning.

She however, is not questioning anything at all, other than why she waited so long to include this chastity cuckold element into her female keyholder

Male chastity and cuckolding form a symbiotic relationship that work in perfect unison. Together they exquisitely take a man to the deepest depths of submission and servitude. You can find the perfect chastity device by
clicking here.