Male Chastity Devices for Your Perfect Relationship 2018

male chastity devices 2018

The chastity belt, although it is the invention of our ancestors, long ago lost its relevance, but in the 21st century, it still takes place in the bedrooms of modern lovers. Today around this BDSM device there is a whole cult, its fans write stories, share experiences and even try to make a belt of chastity with their own hands.

Male and female products are sold in sex shops and specialized stores. Most often they are bought by fans of BDSM or partners in search of thrills in bed.

The modern belt of chastity has partially lost its former destiny. Today it is used more often for intimate games with female domination, they may be sessional or long when the device is worn for several weeks to a month.

A man’s analog of the chastity belt is the erection limiter. It does not allow the penis to increase and become elastic at the moments of sexual arousal. Such physical restraint can deliver psychological pleasure, which is the purpose of wearing it. Ukrainian girls may not the kinkiest in the world but they surely wouldn’t mind dominating you!

Types of Chastity Devices

First of all, men’s belts of chastity differ in the manner of attachment to the body. The most popular type is with fastening directly on the penis. Its kit includes rings on the scrotum of various sizes, an anatomical body, locking pins and a lock with keys.

They are suitable for both long and sessional wearing, depending on the model. Some devices can be completely invisible under clothes.

Men’s belts of chastity with fixation at the waist are the most practical and reliable. They completely exclude access to the penis, and therefore sex itself, and they can not be removed without a key. They have a wide range of regulation on the waist and the line “back-belly”.

One of the varieties is a device for games with feminization, which completely deprives access to the genitals. Such belts are suitable for both session and long-term use, depending on the model.

Metal. Stainless steel is suitable for long-term contact with the skin and mucous membranes, which guarantees a continued and safe use of the device in any conditions. Metal products are perfectly polished, which provides usability and attractive appearance.

Plastic. The material is durable and comfortable to wear. It is light, hypoallergenic, wear-resistant and durable, suitable for both session games, and for permanent wearing.

A great advantage of using the device out of the polymer is invisibility for metal detectors, but only if the kit does not include metal parts, and the lock used is also made of plastic.

Silicone. Models made of this material are more comfortable for long wearing due to the flexible body, but give a slightly smaller sense of locking. The device of high-quality silicone is able to provide full comfort and safety of wearing.

As well as belts made of plastic, it is not noticeable for metal detectors. The use of a lubricant on a silicone base can lead to the destruction of the material.

Leather. Devices from this material are suitable only for in-session wearing since it is impossible to implement a full hygiene in the leather belt without removing it. The skin itself, irrespective of whether it is natural or artificial, will deteriorate from water and become unusable from the natural secretions of the body.

Top Male Chastity Devices 2018

CB-X – probably, this is the most popular and high-quality device from those that are presented in the modern market. In addition, they are constantly faked, which indicates the high demand for the product. The device from the brand CB-X exists in two sizes.

HolyTrainer – this device is made from a special material, that grants you more comfort. As soon as it warms a bit, the device becomes softer.

The Vice – if you need a device that is really hard to remove without a key, then The Vice is exactly what you need.