Chastity Rules For a New Slave

Chastity Rules For a New Slave  Chastity Resources

These are suggested chastity rules to a slave contract for a new collared slave. To show his Mistress gratitude and devotion, the slave agrees to be kept under strict chastity. The Mistress decides the chastity probation time.

In the following example the probation time is one year, but every Mistress is free to imagine Her own settings..

The slave understands that he will neither be allowed to touch his penis nor receive any sexual stimulation during that period.

The chastity belt will be locked 24/7 for the whole probation year. It will be unlocked weekly for cleaning. The Mistress will first secure the slave’s hands to avoid him touching his genitals. The cleaning will be done by a slave under strict supervision of the Mistress.

The slave will receive a monthly prostate milking during the probation time. The slave will eat the product of the milking.

If the Mistress wishes, She can have one or several persons to witness the slave’s chastity. They will be present at all significant moments such as locking, milking, etc. and can hold the keys if wished.

The Mistress accepts the slave’s sacrifice and offers him 365 points. One point for each day in chastity. At the end of the probation time, each point will be equal to one stroke on the slave’s penis.

There is no mean for the slave to acquire additional points.

The Mistress expects the service a true goddess deserves. Any misbehaviour of the slave will be regularly punished. Beside corporal punishment the Mistress can freely take points away depending on Her mood and the slave’s fault.

Depending on Her mood and Her goals in training, the Mistress has the right to communicate or not to the slave Her decisions concerning subtracted points.

At the end of the probation time the slave is presented in front of his Mistress and Her witness with his hands secured. The Mistress will count the remaining points and comment the slave’s behaviour for the assistance.

Depending on the slave’s score following  consequences will be applied :

the score is 0 or negative; the present contract will be renewed without the slave’s advice for one year under the same conditions. The negative score will be taken away from the new yearly points amount.

the score is positive; a second slave will unlock the chastity belt and apply the  strokes / count down the points.

if the slave is not able to achieve an orgasm within the number of strokes he earned during the year he will be denied and the present contract will be renewed without the slave’s advice for one year under the same conditions.

if the slave has an orgasm, the strokes are stopped immediately to minimise the slave’s pleasure. The slave will eat the product of his orgasm.

In this case the slave contract is satisfied and the slave is free. However the Mistress and Her witness have the right to use this particular moment and the weakness of the slave to put him under psychological pressure and push him to sign a new contract.