Using Chastity for Training My Hubby


I was trying to train my new husband in all of the ways that I expected him to take care of my needs. He picked up on most of it pretty quickly. He learned how to wash dishes the way I want and how to cook

the way that I enjoy. There was still one big problem, though. He would pester me for sex every single night. It got to the point where I would have to force him to sleep on the floor. He was told very clearly

that he would never simply deserve to have sex with me. Still, he persisted and it angered me. I got tired of punishing him

It got to the point that I would have to take an hour out of every day to punish him for begging for sex the night before. My arm was constantly sore from the paddling and I was afraid that someone would

find all the marks I left on his ass and back. I had to find another solution and that solution was the chastity belt. If his penis was the problem then I was simply going to lock it away for as long as I wanted.

He finally got the message

I ordered him to try and have sex with me after I put the cage on him. All he was able to do was dry hump me without even getting close to a climax, let along any sexual pleasure. It got through to him immediately that he would never be able to have sex with me and that was exactly what I needed. It

stopped the begging right away and I no longer had to punish him as much. My arm feels much better and he knows better than to ask me for sex.

It’s the best thing to happen

We’ve now been married for nine months and I haven’t had to have sex with him a single time. I’ve never been happier. I have a slave who completes all of his chores and simply falls asleep at the end of the day. I’m left to pleasure myself while I have phone sex with much younger and more attractive men

right next to him in bed. This is the life that I’ve always wanted and I can’t say enough great things about deciding to use a chastity cage to make it all happen.