My Little Chastity Slaves


I have two male slaves and I always make sure to help them grow as a family. I believe that they should be able to rely on each other when I’m not around.

One of the biggest things they have to learn to take care of is their sexual needs. I keep them both chaste, but I’m always there to peg them until they empty out their balls to keep their prostates healthy.

If I can’t do it, I want them to be able to do it for each other. That’s why I put them in cages.

No one touches their penises but them

I set the rules early on and I’ve stuck by them this entire time. I’ve never allowed either one to touch their penis.

I’ve certainly never done it. I’m never going to let those gross things even brush against me. If they want them to be touched then they have to do it for each other.

That’s why I unlocked the both of them after the first six months and left them alone in the same room together. They both had permission to touch each other, but not themselves.

They’re both straight

I should mention that both of these slaves are straight. Neither one has any gay or bisexual tendency. That’s what makes what I do to them so much fun. I walked back into that room after a few hours and both of them were covered in semen.

These two straight slaves put it all aside and took care of each other just like I wanted them to.

They gave each other handjobs, they gave each other blowjobs, and they had sex with each other right up their butts. Now I know that these two slaves can rely on each other and that makes me happy.