Keeping Him Locked Up In Chastity


I’ve had the same problem with my husband since we started dating. I made it very clear to him from the beginning that I don’t approve of masturbation.

It’s wrong and I’m not willing to discuss it with anyone. It’s my rule and he had to agree to it if he wanted to be in a relationship with me. I told him that he was never to touch himself for any reason.

If I ever caught him giving into his disgusting cravings, he would be punished. He agreed to all of these terms and we started our relationship.

I found porn on several occasions

I caught his indiscretions almost immediately after he moved in with me. I went through his laptop and phone on a nightly basis. I found many examples of disgusting pornography all over them. I knew that he was secretly touching his tiny, little cock behind my back. I almost threw up just thinking about it.

Those were the days when I would punish him. I bent him right over every single morning after I found it and pegged him with my thickest strap on. I would get him right to the edge of an orgasm and stop. I would force him to stew in his own desires while keeping him in my view for days afterward.

It was too much

Punishing him grew to be too much for me. I could never let him out of my sight. Like most men, he had a disgusting pornography addiction. Not only that, but I caught him on adult contacts type sites,

I knew that he would be touching himself and ejaculating all over my furniture the second I turned my back. I needed a solution to it.

He’s too stupid and useless to take care of it himself or to be trusted. That’s when I found out about chastity cages.

I locked him up

I bought the very best cage that I could find. I patiently waited for it to arrive while I made sure he wasn’t touching that tiny thing behind my back. It finally arrived and I strapped it right on him.

I made sure it fit properly and I tasked him with jerking off in front of me. He couldn’t. The cage made it completely impossible for him to masturbate or ejaculate. I knew that I could finally take my eyes off of him and go about my own business. It was the solution that I was hoping for.

Porn is on all of the time

I can’t allow this pig to forget his failure. I keep pornography playing 24 hours a day at home. It’s in every room and I force him to be surrounded by it. I know that it turns him on.

I also know that he can’t do anything about it. He’s constantly horny with no means of relief and that’s how I like it.

If he were able to control himself then this would have never happened. He failed me, now he has to live with my constant and devious torture.