How I made Wimp Hubby A Cuckold PT2


wimp hubby to cuckold

Well, things are working out so nice for me now that I’ve stopped my hubby from jerking off. Keeping him horny and not letting his tiny dick out of his cute little steel cage was a great idea.

He will literally do anything for me now. He eats my pussy real well now once in the morning and once at night. Poor baby, I let him suck on my big tits while I rub his swollen blue balls hanging out of his chastity cage while I tell him about the last real man to fuck me.

Too bad I don’t let him come much. And his poor little dick can’t even get hard in his tiny steel cage. But every weekend now I dress up in some outlandishly sexy outfit and go pick up a man or go fuck one of my regulars while hubby stays home watching me on his computer or I pad.

I always rent a room in the same cheap motel now so I can set up my clock/camera so hubby can see and hear me. I’ve gotten used to a diet of big cocks now, black, white it doesn’t matter just so they’re big. It makes me feel young to feel a real man’s huge dick pounding my pussy hard.

My pussy is now so stretched open that I can take nearly any man I meet all the way inside me. Last weekend I swear the guy that fucked me must have been 10 inches long and 3 inches wide!

It took a while but I’m proud to say I took every inch he had to give me, twice! After he pulled out, after the last fuck, I lay on the bed too tired to move all sprawled out, legs spread, and my gaping pussy leaking cum for hubby to see on the camera.

My date left so I reached down and scooped as much as I could back into my pussy and said into the camera, “Wow, have you got a lot to eat later, Hubby.”

As quick as I can I put on the tight panties I keep in my purse so it will all stay in for Hubby’s tongue later. (I’ve gotten so now it’s the only time of the week I wear panties except during my cycle) I threw on what little clothes I had, left the motel key on the dresser and left for home. I’m sure the motel staff now think I’m some kind of hooker but I don’t mind and I kind of like it. It’s home to Hubby for his supper.

He hasn’t been allowed to come in 5 weeks now, (he was a bad boy last week so he earned another week in chastity)

When I got home from my date with my big dicked black man full of his cum Hubby met me at the door naked except for his tiny steel chastity cage. I had him follow me into the bedroom where I cuffed him to the bed and went to get the key to his little cage I keep hidden.

I rubbed his huge, painful, swollen blue balls while I unlocked it and freed his poor little useless dick. It became instantly hard, purple, and throbbing. He begged me to please sit on it but I told him he had a big job to do first or I wont so much as touch it.

The poor baby thrust his hips up and down and begged so much but I didn’t give in. I made him watch me take off what little clothes I had on except for my special tight panties holding Hubby’s warm supper in my well fucked, stretched open, pussy.

I got on the bed beside him, pulled them off, and as I straddled his face told him, “Now I need a few more orgasms and I need my dirty whore pussy cleaned out. If, but only if, you do a good job I will let you come, maybe!” I grabbed his hair and mashed my cum filled gaping open pussy in his mouth and said, “EAT!”

He ate like e a man possessed. Man can Hubby eat pussy. I came like a rocket, several times while I told him about how good the other man had fucked me and how huge his cock is.

Hubby moaned and I got a look at myself in the mirror. My heavy makeup was streaked, my hair was a mess, and my nipples were red and swollen hard. I looked just like the whore wife I had become. I decided I liked the look.

After I had come enough and my pussy was clean I got off of hubby’s face and sat down between Hubby’s legs looking at his poor throbbing cock and swollen, painful, blue balls. I took my finger and rubbed it up and down the bottom of his little cock.

This really got him begging. I could see his little dick throbbing as his heart beat.. So I wrapped my hand slowly around it and started to jerk him off very slowly. I told him that I was going to get very good at edging him, bringing him up to almost coming and then stopping for a while. Hubby didn’t want to play my game.

All he wanted to do was come but he didn’t have any choice. I found I could get him right up to almost the point of no return and stop. The begging and promises he made if I would just keep going were so funny. I brought him up to that point several times until he was nearly out of his mind.. I told him this is a fun game that we will do often..

I also told him that most of the time from now on he will be getting mostly ruined orgasms. That’s where you take him up until his tiny dick starts to spurt and then stop stroking him. The man still spurts out all his cum but doesn’t enjoy it so much. Hubby begs and screams for me to keep stroking it but his cum still squirts out but your man gets little enjoyment from it.

I told him that he hasn’t been such a good boy since I locked his tiny dick in it’s cute little steel cage. I told him to think about his actions and the consequences of not obeying me. He promised he would be better. I could tell he was about to come so I tilted his dick down a little and with my other hand I held a dixie cup over his dickhead.

As he started to come I stopped stroking and just watched his poor tiny dick squirt in the cup. Hubby screamed, “Please don’t stop, please!” but I let the poor little throbbing thing finish squirting and dribbling into the cup.

After I made sure to get it all in the cup, I sat up and rubbed hubby’s hair until he caught his breath. I held up the cup full of a surprising amount of his cum and said, “You know what you have to do or do you want me to add an extra week of no coming?”

Hubby said, “Please no,” but he opened his mouth and drank down every bit of his cum like a good boy. I took a nice cold washcloth and washed his dick and locked it back securely in it’s hard steel tiny cage.

Then I uncuffed Hubby and let him up so he could help bathe me. I was even nice enough after my bath to let him groom my pussy. Now aren’t I a good wife or what? Later on before bed I let him suck on my big tits while I rubbed his still swollen, painfull balls hanging out of his cage and told him why he wont ever get to fuck me again.

I’m sure I couldn’t even feel him inside me anymore after all the huge cocks I’ve been taking up inside me. I told Hubby that next week I was thinking of maybe having 2 guys do a DP on me.

I haven’t had 2 guys in me since my nude dancing days. We’ll see how that goes. Aren’t I a great wife? I’m too good to him..